EXCLUSIVE: ED! meets BURPING girl – Joey Essex’s disgusting TV date!

Flo Brown admits she’s worried no one will ever want to go out with her now...

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If you’ve not been watching Celebs Go Dating this week – why the hell NOT? Have you been living under a rock?!  It’s the best thing on TV!

If that’s the case (sort it out),  then Flo Brown may have passed you by.

The lady – lady?! – set Twitter on fire after being chosen by Joey Essex to go on a date.

Petite, blonde and bright, Flo appeared the perfect catch as she laughed and joked with the TOWIE star – down the Sugar ‘ut, natch.

And then, out of nowhere, our Flo suddenly nabbed a piece of lemon from Joey’s drink and ate it. The lot. LEMON!!

If that’s not weird enough – eating lemons? Nabbing a near-stranger’s food? – she then let out a massive builder’s BURP.

Poor Joey looked like someone had just told him the world was not actually made of cheese – he was gob-smacked, and MAJORLY turned-off.

And it had all been going so well until this point. Joey made his excuses to end the date and the pair parted company – then he went scouting Sugar for more girls!

But Flo isn’t, er, bitter… her comebacks to people slating her on social media for burping on a date – ON TV – have been hilarious. We just had to sit down and talk to her.

(No lemons were harmed during the making of this interview…)

Hello Flo! So tell us, did you actually fancy Joey Essex before you met him?

I’ve seen him in the public eye and I think yep, his smile is just… he has such nice teeth, that for me is a main thing – to have nice teeth. I don’t know if I’d say I fancied him, I don’t fancy someone until I start having a chat with them.

Do you always eat lemons?

I do, if I get an ice and slice with my drink then I’ll always eat that lemon. I don’t know why!

Are you the type of person who helps yourself to food on other people’s plates as well?

I like picking at other people’s food, but I don’t so much like them doing it to me. Do you get me? I’m a bit like Joey from Friends.

Did you get the vibe that Joey fancied you up to the point of the burping incident?

Yeah, I think the burping absolutely ruined it. Yeah I feel like we were on the same wavelength, and then I burped and he was like, ‘She is not Essex’!

Do you regret burping?

No the burping is me, if he doesn’t like the burp then he’s not The One.

Can you burp the alphabet?

No, I have tried to do that before. I can burp Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. But I need to have some soda water or lemons!

Has anyone ever picked up on your burping before, such as ex boyfriends or family?

Yeah they’ve picked up that I am a burper and, you know, a better out than in kind of girl.

There has been a guy who I was seeing who was absolutely repulsed, hence why he’s an ex. More often than not, I wouldn’t usually do it on a first date I have to admit. It just came out.

Were your family ashamed of you burping on TV?

No. My mum after a bit of bubbly… my mum is like a rugby player! And my dad, after a pork pie, burps like no other. It’s just sort of like that. I guess that’s why I didn’t realise that some people do think it’s really bad.

They weren’t repulsed by me, they still let me live with them!

Were you surprised that people were so outraged by your burp?

Yeah, I guess, because I’m a student and I’ve just done it in front of my mates so much. Some people were like, ‘That could not come out of you’. They think I’m gonna be like, ‘Ohh hello, I’m Flo’ like little princess Flo, but I turn out like Shrek.

Yeah I didn’t think it was going to cause so much like woooahh, I guess at the time I didn’t realise it went on that much. When watching it I was like, ‘God can I stop now!’.

It was cute when Joey patted my back though.

Have you ever been asked to leave the table?

No, I know it is really bad etiquette. I know some people, my brother especially, is like, ‘That is disgusting,’ but no, no one has ever asked me to leave or left.

Do you think it’s okay to fart at the table?

Not at a dinner table, maybe with my housemates.

When is it okay to fart/burp in front of boyfriends?

I think at least months into the relationship, yeah, when you’re settled. Right there.

What irritates you about other people’s habits?

When people are too keen.

Loud eaters, people who eat with their mouths open, hearing people eat really loud makes me feel a bit ill.

Will we see more of you on Celebs Go Dating?

I’ll be on next week at another one of the bar mixers, I think it’s next week, I don’t know when it’s going to be aired that one.

Did you have better luck?

Uh! You’ll have to watch!

Have you ever been approached to go on a reality TV show? If you could choose, which one would you go on?

I was approached to do this, not any others. I would, though, yeah. Maybe a bit of love island, maybe that would give me more luck. My mum and dad are like, ‘Where are the grandkids now?’ Time is ticking!

Yeah, I think Love Island would sort me out.

Do you think it’s okay for girls and boys to have sex on TV?

I think sometimes you just get caught up in the moment. I wouldn’t want my dad to see it, no, but I think sometimes you just forget the cameras are there; if it’s right then it’s right.

Have you spoken to Joey since the date?

Yeah I spoke to him again at the bar mixer thing, that was two weeks after the date.

He’s a really nice guy, can’t fault him for that. I’m just like the friend. I feel I’m the new Diags in his life.

Did you see the clip of Joey running back inside after the date?

I know! I was absolutely pied. Yeah, I was like ‘okay I’ve been pied, onto the next’. As usual.

Have you had any luck since the date with anyone else?

Tinder is going nuts at the moment, actually pursuing into a date, I’m unsure. I feel like everyone’s going to be like, ‘Oh the girl who burped!’.

I don’t know if I’m the girl anyone would like to introduce to their parents.

My love life is a joke.

Well, we think you’re an absolute legend!

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor