Naked Pricasso paints Phil and Holly with his privates live on TV

Viewers are in stitches as they watch a masterclass in painting

What a time to be alive!

This Morning did its best impression of Eurotrash as it invited Pricasso to show his ‘handiwork’ with a paintbrush.

The catch was that he painted ‘hands-free’ as he set about committing Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield to canvas… by just using his penis!

Pricasso Paints Holly And Phillip's Portrait With His Privates | This Morning

Yes folks, this was what warmed us up for lunch and viewers absolutely loved one of the most bizarre segments ever on the ITV daytime show.

Painter Tim Patch, or Pricasso as he likes to be known, used his manhood instead of a brush to put together the piece of art.

And it wasn’t bad either: the colourful canvas – which was completed in the This Morning Green Room away from prying eyes – certainly resembled its subjects.

Trying their hardest to stifle their giggles, Holly and Phillip later questioned the artist about his unique methods.

Phillip didn’t beat around the bush as he asked: “I’m sure there are lot of people who want to know the answer to this… are you painting in a state of happiness, arousal?”

“It depends if it’s PG or R,” Tim replied, to the presenters’ glee.

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Keeping his cool as much as possible, Phillip then said: “Do you find it is easier to paint if you have a stiffer brush?”

“It’s much harder,” he replied, without a trace of irony after admitting that it “gets very sore”.

Understandably, the relatively naughty TV segment captured the attention of the viewing public, who took to Twitter in their droves to laugh about the whole thing and commend him on his skill.

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You have to salute someone with so much talent at the tip of his brush and now look forward to when the naked chef shows us how to whip up a spotted dick.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor