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Sue Radford pays tribute to late son Alfie on what would have been his 10th birthday

Alfie arrived 'silent but perfect' in July 2014

22 Kids and Counting star Sue Radford has penned a heartbreaking tribute to her stillborn baby boy Alfie.

Sue was told that Alfie didn’t have a heartbeat before being induced on July 5 2014. Hours later, she delivered a “silent but perfect” baby boy.

Now, on what would have been his 10th birthday, Sue has shared her heartbreak in a tribute to the child she never got to bring home.

Sue and Noel Radford in their living room
Sue and Noel Radford are parents to 22 children (Credit: YouTube)

22 Kids and Counting star Sue Radford shares her grief for son Alfie

Posting on her Instagram Stories last night, Sue shared a picture of Alfie’s tiny hand in a white knitted babygrow. She also shared a picture of herself holding prints of his hand and footprints. Sue also shared a picture of his final resting place, covered in flowers, cards and teddy bears.

She wrote: “This time 10 years ago I was in a labour room being told our beautiful baby boy had no heartbeat [broken heart emoji]. I would be induced a few hours later for him to be born silent but perfect at 7.54am the next morning [angel baby emoji].”

Sue then added: “This time of year never gets any easier [crying emoji]. I can’t believe it’s 10 years tomorrow since he was born.”

Post on Instagram from Sue Radford
Alfie was Sue’s 17th baby and he was stillborn (Credit: Instagram)

‘I just felt like he was slipping away’

Alfie was Sue and husband Noel Radford‘s 17th baby.

Writing in their recent book, Sue recounted: “From finding out I was pregnant with Alfie, I think I always knew we were never going to take him home.

“I just knew. It was so odd because I never felt like that during any of my other pregnancies. But with Alfie, I somehow knew I wasn’t taking him home.

“Then, probably about three days prior to losing him, I just felt like he was slipping away because his movements were slowing down. It began with my instincts and then, towards the end, it was just the little physical things.

“Then the day we lost him, we were filming down on the beach. I came home and was getting some really sharp back pains and I said to Noel: ‘I don’t feel well and the baby’s not moved.’

“We went to the hospital and they couldn’t find a heartbeat. The doctor scanned me and that’s when they said: ‘I’m really sorry, but he has died.’

“I don’t think we can ever be mentally prepared for something as awful as that happening to you.”

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