Ayda Field wearing red lipstick and inset with husband Robbie Williams

Ayda Field fans share worries over star’s weight in new pictures: ‘You don’t look healthy – look after yourself’

She was promoting her activewear range

Ayda Field – the wife of singer Robbie Williams – has sparked concerns after fans commented on her weight as she posted a picture of herself in a bikini.

The Loose Women star posted a picture of herself wearing her Yacht Girl Summer range available at her activewear line, Ayda Active.

The three pictures showed Ayda on a yacht. The first sees her wearing a bikini top, with a striped nautical-themed towel wrapped around her waist.

The second show showed Ayda wearing a two-piece navy bikini and a captain’s hat as she took a mirror selfie in the ship’s bedroom. Meanwhile, the third picture showed the star lounging in the sunshine in a red bikini top, shorts and an open shirt.

Ayda Field on the red carpet in a black and red dress
Ayda Field is a regular on Loose Women (Credit: Splash News)

Ayda Field fans concerned about her weight

However, in among the comments that Ayda looked gorgeous were some concerns from her fans. Some posted that they think Ayda is getting “too thin”, and decided to make their feelings known in the comments section.

“I’m worried about Ayda she is getting way to thin,” shared one concerned follower. “I was thinking the same. Too skinny,” said another.

“Ayda’s always been that thin,” said another, defending the star. “No I’m sure she was a healthy weight before but anyway that’s your opinion,” said the woman, sharing her opinion about another woman’s body.

Ayda Field and Robbie Williams on the red carpet
Ayda’s husband Robbie Williams has been open about his recent weight loss (Credit: Splash News)


“She looks emaciated imo,” another said cruelly. “Too thin,” came another comment. “Terribly emaciated,” said another.

“You’re amazing Ayda… you don’t look healthy in some of these pictures.. your feet legs knees… look skeletal.. look after yourself,” said another, approaching their concerns more kindly.

Others disagreed. One commented: “Stunning! Gorgeous as always, enjoy the sunshine!” Another said: “Beautiful.” “You look so beautiful,” said another of the Loose Women panellist.

‘I’m letting my body do the talking’

Late last year, Ayda opened up about her body confidence. And if her fans hoped she’d see their messages of concern, then Ayda confirmed that she doesn’t pay attention to what other people think.

Speaking to Hello, she said: “I definitely don’t seek out pictures of myself on the internet and learned a long time ago to never read the comment section on articles about me. I think both of those things have been crucial in self-preservation when it comes to loving myself.”

She also shared that she’s enjoying practising yoga. “Longevity is now the name of my game. I suppose I am growing up with my body and letting it do most of the talking.”

ED! has contacted Ayda’s reps for comment.

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