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The Chase host Bradley Walsh on stopping riding his motorbike now he’s getting older: ‘Mortality hits you’

'You think, I'm not too sure about this'

Legendary host of The Chase Bradley Walsh previously discussed his decision to retire from riding his motorbike as he’s got older.

The 64-year-old TV favourite shared that worries about his “mortality” forced him to stop riding his beloved Harley Davidson.

Bradley Walsh at Royal Variety performance
Bradley Walsh has stopped riding his motorbike (Credit: Cover Images)

The Chase host Bradley Walsh slowing down as he ages

Despite engaging in many adventurous exploits with son Barney in recent years on their joint show, Breaking Dad, Bradley has admitted to slowing down as he’s got older.

While filming for Breaking Dad, he was surprised to discover a new phobia that he seems to have developed over the years.

During one particular episode, Bradley and Barney embarked on a daring bungee jump off the Contra Dam in Switzerland, only for Bradley to drop out at the last minute due to a fear of heights.

“The mad thing is, listen to this, back in the day when my father was still alive, before he became a cabbie in London, I used to go to work with my dad and my uncle Louis, who were roofers,” he recalled.

“So I used to be up ladders on roofs when I was younger, so there was no problem at all.”

‘I don’t ride it any more’

It seems Bradley has also made the big decision to give up one of his lifelong hobbies.

“I don’t ride my motorbike any more,” the TV presenter admitted in an interview with RNZ late last year. “I’ve got a Harley Davidson, I don’t ride it any more.”

As you get older, your mortality sort of hits you.

He went on to explain: “I think what happens is, as you get older, your mortality sort of hits you and you think, oh I’m not too sure about this.”

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