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Coleen Nolan shares video from sister Denise’s wedding: ‘What a beautiful day’

Denise and partner Tom married in Blackpool this week

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Coleen Nolan has gushed over her sister Denise who has got married to her long-term partner Tom Anderson.

Denise, 72, and Tom, 77, tied the knot after almost 50 years together on Monday June 17. They said ‘I do’ at The Wedding Chapel (Festival House) on Blackpool Promenade.

Denise said it was a “fabulous day” but everyone was “exhausted” as they didn’t get  home until midnight. She added that they had “danced our legs off all night”.

On Instagram, Coleen gushed: “What an emotional, brilliant day.”

She also shared a video from the big day, showing Denise and Tom having confetti thrown over them.

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Coleen Nolan on sister’s wedding

It showed the newlyweds walking down the aisles as their loved ones clapped and threw confetti.

Coleen wrote: “What a beautiful day it was last Monday, celebrating the wedding of my sister Denise and my brother-in-law Tom, finally tying the knot after 47 years.

“It was a gorgeous day to honor two very special people.”

Denise Nolan smiling at event
Denise Nolan has married her long-term partner Tom (Credit:

Denise on wedding day

Speaking to OK!, Denise continued: “We’ve been together now for 47 years and we love each other. We got engaged about 30 years ago, but we didn’t think we needed the piece of paper to say that. He’s asked me to marry him a few times but usually when he’s had a drink and is feeling sentimental! Then I mention it to him the next day and he runs a mile!”

Tom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2018. Denise said they “didn’t want to wait until further down the line where he might be a lot worse and it could be hard work”.

Nolan sisters smiling at event
Coleen Nolan said Denise’s wedding day was “emotional” and “brilliant” (Credit:

Initially, the nuptials were going to be kept low-key. However, when sister Linda Nolan got involved, the celebrations became bigger…

Denise explained: “When we told Linda, she said, ‘You have to tell the family,’ and reminded me how upset I was when Coleen ran away and got married [to Shane Richie], so I realised I needed to tell them. Then it went from being the four of us to being about 55 of us!”

Denise’s sisters were in attendance and their partners, including Loose Women star Coleen and her boyfriend Michael Jones.

Linda and Denise Nolan walking at event
Denise said “generous” Linda had bought their flowers (Credit:

Denise Nolan wedding

Meanwhile, some of Denise and Tom’s friends attended.

Linda also made a touching gesture for the couple as she insisted on contributing to the cost of the day as a thank you for the couple’s support amid her cancer battle.

Denise added: “The family are all very generous but Linda is especially generous. Please God she’s not going to leave us any time, but I think she feels, with her incurable illness, that she wants to help out when she can. When we arrived at Festival House I realised we’d forgotten the flowers that Linda had paid a fortune for, and I thought she’d be so hurt if I didn’t walk down the aisle with them – so my poor brother had to rush back and get them!”

Denise also revealed that she walked down the aisle to one of her own Sinatra covers from her Top 20 album released in 2022. The couple are now planning their honeymoon in Scarborough.

Congratulations to the lovely couple!

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