Dr Michael Mosley and the spot where he died

Trio of devastating factors that made Dr Michael Mosley’s final walk a ‘recipe for disaster’

His body was found after an extensive five-day search

The tragic death of Dr Michael Mosley was announced on Sunday morning (June 9), with an autopsy report naming the “most likely” cause of death as “natural causes”.

However, the TV doctor’s final moments on the Greek island of Symi were far from ordinary.

As more details are revealed, experts have suggested that heat exhaustion will have contributed to his death.

Dr Michael Mosley on The House of Wellness
Dr Michael Mosley passed away whilst hiking (Credit: YouTube)

Dr Michael Mosley’s heat exhaustion

Senior lecturer of sports and health sciences Chris Bryne told The Express how a combination of factors led to what he described as a “recipe for disaster”.

“The tragic story of Michael Mosley illustrates the rare but potentially lethal effect of combining physical activity in high environmental heat,” Chris explained.

Specifically, Chris emphasised that Dr Mosley’s age, the extreme weather conditions and the challenging terrain led to the tragic outcome.

The doctor left his wife on the beach in Greece to take a short walk to the nearby town. However, he never arrived. After four days of searching, his body was discovered. It was reported that he had likely taken a wrong turn on his way to the town and was left stranded in the heat.

“[It was] not a good situation what was happening. You wouldn’t recommend someone walking in 35 degree heat, with no water at an advanced age, with no access to shade, walking uphill over rugged terrain and not knowing the end point. It is really a recipe for disaster,” he said.

The 67-year-old doctor also faced increased risks due to his age. As we age, our ability to regulate our body temperature decreases.

Dr Mosley was navigating difficult terrain, with no access to water and nowhere to shield himself from the scorching sun. “Walking for three hours in that sort of environmental condition is not advisable,” Chris added.

He concluded by reflecting on the sequence of events: “It looks like he made some mistakes, took some wrong turns, ended up on rugged terrain, walking uphill, couldn’t seek shade, no access to fluid, and it’s just real tragic circumstances.”

Dr Michael Mosley on This Morning
A trio of factors contributed to making this walk his last (Credit: ITV)

Dr Michael Mosley on Strictly

It was recently reported that Michael had been invited to compete on Strictly before his tragic death.

In an exclusive interview, a close friend shared the news. “He told me just the week before last he’d been invited to do Strictly,” they confirmed.

He would have appeared on the hit BBC show as a contestant for the 20th anniversary series.

Meanwhile, the BBC announced that it will be broadcasting two tribute shows this Friday.

“Celebrating Michael’s career, this programme marks the enormous impact he made, touching the lives of so many,” a statement announced.

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