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Garden Rescue star Lee Burkhill ‘overwhelmed’ after ‘horrendous start to the year’: ‘My resilience is running low’

Lee opened up on Instagram

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Lee Burkhill of Garden Rescue fame opened up about his “horrendous start to the year” back in May.

The TV star confessed that he was feeling “overwhelmed” and that his resilience is “running low” after a difficult few months.

Garden Rescue star Lee Burkhill on difficult start to the year

Taking to Instagram, the Garden Ninja shared a snap on the tarot card reading he’d had that day – the Six of Wands.

“What an interesting bank holiday spread. The Stop and Smell the Roses spread I recently uncovered What a gem! I’ve been feeling rather overwhelmed by work and the pressure to ‘perform’ recently. (Just saying that makes me feel so much better),” he wrote.

“Also making me think I may need to also limit my screen time more and pull back a bit from things that don’t bring joy. Think after the horrendous start to the year my resilience is running low. Luckily the cards are always there to nudge me in the right direction,” he then continued.

‘Stop and smell the roses’

Lee then continued, writing: “The main card that keeps jumping out at me the last week is the 6 of Wands. The true stop and smell the roses card. Celebrate achievements and just bask for a while.

“So with deadlines looming and a neverending inbox I maybe on a go slow this week. After all what’s the point in burning out when there’s all these roses to sniff? Can anyone relate?”

Fans were quick to show their support.

“Never ignore the signs of a burn-out, I did that twice, and that was not a very wise thing. Reflecting things with the cards is good, smelling the roses is great, but taking some time for yourself is better. You do a great job; making people happy with beautiful gardens,” one fan commented.

“Definitely need to think about what you need Lee. So easy to get into bad habits and realise too late that things aren’t doing it for you,” another said.

Lee Burkhill and Charlie Dimmock sitting outside on Garden Rescue
Lee supported Charlie recently (Credit: BBC)

Lee supports Charlie Dimmock

In other news, Lee threw his support behind co-star Charlie Dimmock recently.

Lee was criticised recently for wearing a vest while on the show. And it seems some viewers were of the opinion that he should cover up.

Hitting back at the criticism online, Lee wrote: “Guess what’s back ninjas. VESTS! Haterz be warned. The weather’s fine so out come the skinny boy tattooed arms! All shapes and sizes welcome at Garden Ninja!

“I bet [Charlie] Dimmock back in the day never got as much stick… oh wait??” he then added.

“So here we go with the next season of Garden Rescue. With an assortment of sleeveless delectations for you all!”

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Garden Rescue airs on June 27 from 3.45pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. 

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