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I’m A Celebrity legend Gillian McKeith ‘so excited’ as daughter Skylar announces she’s pregnant

Congratulations to Skylar and her family!

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TV star Gillian McKeith is expanding her family as her daughter Skylar has shared that she is pregnant.

Gillian, who is mum to two daughters Afton and Skylar, is set to become a grandmother again.

The Scottish nutritionist’s daughter, 29-year-old Skylar, has flaunted her growing baby bump at an event recently.

Skylar, who welcomed her first baby in 2020, was snapped cradling her baby bump over the weekend. She attended a fashion show at St John’s Wood High Street Festival, with her sister, Afton.

Skylar McKeith cradling her baby bump beside sister Afton McKeith wearing pink outfits
Skylar McKeith [left] and Afton McKeith wore matching pink outfits to a fashion show (Credit: Cat Morley/ SOPA Images/ Shutterstock)

Daughter of Gillian McKeith is pregnant

Afton and Skylar posed whilst wearing complementary pink ensembles and beaming at the camera. It was here that Skylar shared she is having her second baby. A source close to the family confirmed to the Mirror that Skylar is pregnant again.

Speaking to ED!, Skylar said: “I really enjoyed the fashion show in St John’s Wood where my sister Afton McKeith was modelling for the fabulous Rigby and Peller. I am so proud of my sister Afton as she is such a talented dancer and performer.

“I was very impressed that Afton dropped into the splits at the end of the runway. The entire audience was mesmerised and cheering.

“It was such a fun day out especially when I am so pregnant. I am looking forward to a new addition to the McKeith family. My mum is fantastic with my son and is so excited about baby number 2.”

Solicitor Skylar often keeps a low profile and her social media account remains private. Although, this is a stark contrast to her sibling.

Skylar’s sister, Afton, has previously appeared on Loose Women and has cultivated a large following of over 40K people on social media. Followers keep tabs on her journey as a pageant movement coach, actor, dancer and singer.

Afton became Miss Grand Scotland in 2023 and shows off her glitter-filled lifestyle with regular updates, alongside her mum, on Instagram.

Last year, Afton made headlines as she cosied up to Love Island contestant, Kodie Murphy. A source told The Sun: “Afton went to a party with Kodie last night and introduced him to Gillian, who absolutely loves him.

“Afton thinks he’s so cute and is hoping they’ll stay in touch. He seems like a sweetheart and a real gentleman.”

Gillian McKeith on I'm A Celebrity South Africa
Gillian appeared on I’m A Celebrity twice (Credit: ITV)

Gillian McKeith career

Unfortunately, Gillian’s fame appears to have come at a cost. According to reports, Gillian’s fame as a health expert and TV legend has negatively impacted the lives of her daughters. The I’m A Celebrity… South Africa star presented Channel 4’s You Are What You Eat, from 2004 to 2006.

In the show, Gillian got up close and personal examining tongues, skin, urine and poo to determine underlying health issues. Consequently, her book on the subject sold two million copies in a year and even became the most borrowed book in libraries.

Afton has previously complained about how her mum’s notoriety impacted her ability to date. She told the Mirror: “I get nervous dating men from England as they know my mum from TV. I stopped going out with them because it was too weird.”

Evidently, Gillian’s fame for inspecting poo also had a negative impact on Skylar’s social life. Skylar has previously said: “I was at secondary school in London and I had people shouting down the hallway, ‘Skylar, I saw your mum sniffing poo on TV last night’. They were horrible and made fun of me.

“I really struggled. One day, a boy pushed me against a wall and held a lighter to my face. I was like, ‘I’m done’, and was homeschooled for a bit.”

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