Hatton Garden viewers stunned by acting legend Timothy Spall’s dramatic weight loss

He's much thinner than he was

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ITV’s new burglary drama Hatton Garden started last night (May 20) and viewers couldn’t believe how different acting legend Timothy Spall looked.

The four-part show, based on real-life events, saw a motley crew of wizened criminals band together to steal valuables from a safe deposit facility in central London.

Timothy Spall was cast as Terry Perkins, a seasoned burglar with diabetes and creaking bones that left him constantly knackered throughout what he promised himself would be his last job.

Timothy Spall in Hatton Garden
Fans thought Timothy Spall looked thin in Hatton Garden (Credit: ITV)

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But the celebrated actor, best known for his roles in Sweeney Todd, Mr. Turner and the Harry Potter films, appeared to have lost a lot of weight and looked much thinner than what his fans are used to seeing.

Timothy Spall
Timothy Spall in 2012 (Credit: Zed Jameson / /

Viewers took to Twitter to discuss his new look, with one writing: “Timothy Spall has lost so much weight. Literally half the man he was! #HattonGarden.”

Someone else tweeted: “I can’t quite get used to Timothy Spall thin! #HattonGarden.”

Another said: “Timothy Spall lost a ton of weight #HattonGarden.”

Other fans worried there might be something wrong with him.

One said: “First ep of #HattonGarden very good. Looking forward to subsequent night’s shows. Shocked though by Timothy Spall’s appearance. Looked unwell – or is that the plot treatment?”

A second tweeted: “What is up with #TimothySpall’s face in #HattonGarden?”

A third viewer stepped in to defend him, telling the others he had simply lost weight on a diet: “Before anyone asks… NO! Timothy Spall is NOT ill, he has just lost weight on a diet… #HattonGarden.”

During episode one of Hatton Garden, the criminal gang set their carefully laid plans in motion and endeavored to break into the safe deposit box building.

Everyone had their part to play, whether as an essential lookout or operator of one of the specialist tools used to enter the facility.

They had to call the job off at the end of episode one (Credit: ITV)

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At the end of the first installment, the plans went awry as the criminals drilled through the concrete wall – only to come up against the back of a steel cabinet on the other side.

They attempted to push it over but the cabinet was bolted to the wall, causing a huge row among the old acquaintances that ended with them writing the job off and calling it a day.

– Hatton Garden continues tonight (May 21) at 9pm on ITV

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Associate Editor