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Helen Flanagan admits she has ‘difficult’ relationship with ex Scott: ‘It can be emotionally draining’

Helen and Scott split in 2022

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Former Corrie star Helen Flanagan has opened up about co-parenting her three children with her ex, Scott Sinclair.

Helen and footballer Scott got engaged in May 2018 after forming a relationship in 2009. They share three children — a son Charlie and daughters Matilda and Delilah. Helen and Scott never tied the knot, splitting in 2022.

Helen Flanagan and Scott Sinclair smiling
Scott and Helen share three children (Credit: Splashnews.com)

Helen Flanagan opens up about co-parenting

In an Instagram post shared yesterday (June 18), Helen uploaded a video of her eldest daughter Matilda at a Beauty and The Beast afternoon tea.

The actor and model expressed how “proud of the beautiful girl Matilda is”, adding that she “adapts to change” well.

While she didn’t mention Scott, she hinted it has been a struggling co-parenting her three children with him.

“I felt really emotional that day, a lot of personal things going on and it can be extremely emotionally draining co-parenting when you have a difficult relationship,” Helen continued.

Helen admitted that she felt “bad mum guilt” as she is usually up and down from London for work and she wanted her daughter to “feel loved and special”.

When trying to book a table, Helen said there wasn’t any available. However, she explained: “The couple behind me were so kind they could see how much my little girl wanted to go and they gave us their table.”

Helen also revealed she had therapy at the beginning of the year, which allowed her to “come back to my natural self and not suppress my emotions and I let myself cry now”.

“I felt a little bit lost before I had Matilda, when I had my baby girl it gave me a feeling of purpose and inspiration. Whenever I’m stuck in a situation and don’t know what to do, I think what would I want my daughter to do and I do that.”

Fans support Helen

Following the heartfelt post, fans took to the comments to support Helen.

“You’re a fab mummy, you should be proud,” one user wrote.

Helen Flanagan smiling
Fans supported Helen in the comments section (Credit: Splashnews.com)

“What a beautiful mummy you are. Your gorgeous children are a reflection of the love you pour into them. Look at the delight on her little face,” another person shared.

“Love this the memories you are creating for your children are priceless they are beautiful just like they’re mama,” a third remarked.

“Beautiful words thanks for sharing Helen. It really helped me reading this xx,” a fourth user wrote.

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