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Jane McDonald’s ‘terrible’ first encounter with James Martin: ‘He greeted her and she just swanned past him’

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James Martin once had a “terrible” initial meeting with Jane McDonald.

The hilarious incident was recounted on Kate Thornton‘s podcast.

Jane McDonald speaking on Lorraine
Jane didn’t realise who James was initially (Credit: ITV)

Saturday Morning star James Martin’s ‘terrible’ first encounter with Jane McDonald

Jane – who is on screens for Jane McDonald: Cruising Asia on July 14 – spoke of the awkward first meeting on Kate Thornton’s White Wine Question Time podcast.

Jane, 61, was on the pod to discuss her life and career. During her appearance on the show, Jane was inundated by recorded messages from her former colleagues and pals.

One recorded message came from her former Loose Women co-star, Denise Welch.

“I mentioned this yesterday Kate, James Martin, the chef, was greeting Jane outside a house and she didn’t know who he was,” Denise said.

“She thought he was the concierge or the butler to which she was accustomed and she just started to hand him all of her bags,” she then continued.

James Martin speaking on Loose Women
Jane mistook James for staff! (Credit: ITV)

‘I gave him a good tip though’

Denise then continued, saying: “So he politely took several of her bags up many, many stairs and he came back down. She said: ‘Oh, you’ve left these ones…’ as she swanned past him into the house.”

Jane was in hysterics hearing the story back.

“That’s terrible. I gave him a good tip, though,” she quipped.

She then continued, saying: “The funny thing is I’m really good mates with James now. It’s lovely that he has that story to tell. Also, he makes the best cakes ever. I like a man who puts proper calories in a cake.

“It’s a good job me and James never got together because I would be the size of Wakefield, never mind coming from it. I’ll always be grateful to him for bringing my cases up like he did,” she then said.

Jane McDonald and Eddie Rothe on the red carpet
Eddie died in 2021 (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Jane on finding love again

In a new interview, Jane opened up about finding love again following the death of fiancé Eddie.

Eddie Rothe – who Jane was engaged to – died in 2021 following a battle with lung cancer.

Speaking to Best magazine, Jane was asked: “Do you think you’ll ever find love again in this lifetime?”

“I couldn’t possibly say that,” Jane responded.

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