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Little Mix star Perrie Edwards on having no sense of smell since birth

Perrie has a rare medical condition

Little Mix star Perrie Edwards – whose performance at Capital’s Summertime Ball is being shown today (Sunday, June 23) – once opened up about her hidden health condition.

The star, 30, has struggled with the hidden condition since her birth.

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Little Mix star Perrie Edwards on hidden health condition

Back in 2013, mum-of-one Perrie opened up about the fact that she has no sense of smell.

The singer revealed that she has struggled with the condition since her birth.

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat in 2013, she said: “I have never smelt anything, but I think I smelt coffee once.”

“When people go, ah she’s cooking a Sunday roast, I’m like, how do you know that? I’m like, this is amazing, it’s like magic. I think I smelt coffee once,” she then continued.

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Perrie’s condition has no cure (Credit:

Little Mix star Perrie Edwards on having no sense of smell

The star – who is engaged to footballer Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – is believed to have congenital anosmia,  a rare medical condition with no cure.

It is believed to be caused by either a brain injury or a nasal condition. It’s been reported that approximately 6,000 people in the UK are born without a sense of smell.

The condition can lead to some people losing interest in food – as much of the enjoyment from eating comes from the food’s aroma.

“People are always like, ‘Oh, isn’t that really horrible?’ and I’m like, ‘No’, because I’ve never known what it’s like to smell. If I’d had it and then it disappeared I’d be like, ‘Argh’,” she said.

“I wear the same perfume all the time, because everyone says, ‘Oh you smell nice’ and then I’m like, ‘Ah, OK’,” she then said.

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Perrie has a couple of health conditions (Credit: ITV)

Perrie on being ‘partially deaf’

During an appearance on the NikkieTutorials YouTube channel in April, Perrie once again spoke of having no sense of smell.

“I don’t have a sense of smell,” she said. “I don’t have one, I wasn’t born with one,” she then continued.

“If I had it, then lost it, I’d be really sad. But because I’ve never had it, I’m like ‘Well, that’s ok’,” she then went on to say.

“But I can taste everything,” she added.

In the same breath, Perrie also revealed that she’s partially deaf. “I’m having a really hard time,” she laughed.

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Capital’s Summertime Ball airs today (Sunday, June 23) at 6.30pm on ITV1 and ITVX. 

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