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Long Lost Family star Davina McCall’s secrets to looking incredible at 56 – foods she ‘avoids’; ‘variety’ of fitness regimes; eating ‘raw food’

Davina doesn't workout for her body, she does so for her mind

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It’s no secret that Davina McCall – whose show, Long Lost Family, airs tonight (July 8) – looks amazing at 56-years-old.

The mum-of-three follows some regimes to ensure she stays looking fab. Here’s some of the secret ways she keeps looking great…

Long Lost Family star Davina McCall on her diet

One way that Davina stays looking incredible at 56 is through her diet.

The star revealed during an interview with Women’s Fitness earlier this year that she does “intermittent fasting”. This means that from 8pm onwards, she doesn’t eat anything until the next morning.

Davina confessed that she hadn’t realised how much food she ate after dinner until she began intermittently fasting.

In the same interview, Davina revealed what foods she eats – and what foods she tries to avoid.

“My food philosophy is pretty simple. I try to eat as many colours and as much raw food as I can. And because I now know a lot more about my gut microbiome, I’m trying to eat more live cultures. I’d love to say I’m as hardcore about sugar as I was after my sister died in 2012 – I’ve fallen off the wagon a little bit since then – but I’m really a lot better with chocolate,” she said.

Davina McCall smiling on a red carpet
Davina has a balanced diet (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Long Lost Family star Davina McCall on what foods she avoids

The star then continued, saying that she tries to avoid eating any red meat.

“I’m also trying to eat less red meat and processed meat. I love sausages but I just know they’re not great for me. Sometimes, knowledge is quite depressing! I avoid all the things I grew up with, like salami and hams, which are all forms of protein, but they’re forms of protein that are possibly not suiting my body and my needs,” she said.

She added that she tries to avoid any “saturated fats”.

Davina McCall speaking on This Morning
Davina works out three to four times a week (Credit: ITV)

Davina McCall’s fitness regime

Elsewhere, Davina spoke about some of the several exercises and workouts she does to stay in shape.

“For me, fitness is about doing a bit of everything. I do some yoga, Pilates, strength training, bodyweight training, cardio, one or two runs a week, and maybe a spin class. It’s about having variety all the time, never doing the same workout, and keeping things fun,” she said.

The former Big Brother host then went on to say that she trains between three to four times per week.

She later added that she doesn’t train for her body, she trains for her brain thanks to how much it positively affects her mental health.

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Long Lost Family airs tonight (July 8) on ITV1 at 9pm. 

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