Martin Kemp and Roman Kemp on the red carpet

Martin Kemp issues warning to son Roman over relationship ‘trap’

Martin answered a 'tough' question on their podcast

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Spandau Ballet star Martin Kemp have given his TV presenter son Roman a warning over relationships during their podcast.

The father-and-son duo currently host their own podcast, FFS! My Dad Is Martin Kemp. In a June episode, the pair discussed fame and relationships.

Martin Kemp, Roman Kemp, and Shirley Kemp on the red carpet
Shirlie and Martin have been married for over 30 years (Credit:

Martin Kemp offers Roman advice on new episode

When Roman – who hosts The One Show – asked his dad about how he and his mum, Shirlie Kemp, maintained a strong relationship in the spotlight, Martin insisted he was “absolutely happy with it” being in the public eye.

“Me and mum were in love to the point where we couldn’t hide it and we didn’t care, which I think was really nice looking back. Being famous, I think that the only safety net that you have is that rock, like your relationship,” the Gold hitmaker explained.

Martin and Shirlie tied the knot in 1988. They wed in St Lucia and welcomed their first child, daughter Harley Moon Kemp, in 1989. Four years later, Shirlie gave birth to Roman.

When asking his father for advice on how he should manage a public relationship, Martin insisted Roman should be “as real as you want to be”.

Martin, however, admitted it was a “tough” question to answer.

“On one part of it, I can see the idea of keeping it private and away from everybody else and not telling everybody on the other side of it. You might be running yourself into a trap where you’re splitting yourself too much and you’re not being one person,” he added.

Martin then said the problem with being famous can be that “you end up as two different people”.

Martin Kemp and Roman Kemp on the red carpet
Martin has warned son Roman about managing fame and relationships (Credit:

‘I wanted to be a rock star’

While Martin’s fame came in the form of a new romantic band, he wanted to be in a rock band.

“I wanted to be a rock star; that’s what I wanted; I wanted to be a rock god and up there with the best. That’s what I dreamt about, and the fame that went with it was all something that I wanted,” he explained.

Despite many highs, Martin stated a downside to fame was realising it is based on “a level of what number you were in the charts”.

At the height of their success, Spandau Ballet had 10 top 10 singles, including the number one hit True.

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