Stacey Solomon

Stacey Solomon announces pop-up for hair brand as she admits ‘I can’t believe it’s real’

'I can’t even describe how emotional this is for me'

TV presenter Stacey Solomon took to social media to share a pinch-me moment with her followers this week.

In a post on Instagram, The X Factor alum was seen DIY-ing props for her hair brand – Rehab Your Hair. She later showed herself setting up a little pop-up featuring her props.

Stacey Solomon shares delight over success of hair brand

In the caption, Stacey excitedly shared some news.

“I am SO [bleep]ing proud not only for making these GIANT DIY rehab props that I’ve been working on for AGES, but for the fact that we have a real-life POP-UP in LONDON!” she gushed.

“I can’t even describe how emotional this is for me and Vicky and Lou Lou, who created Rehab two years ago. Never in a million years did we imagine we could do this and we have put absolutely EVERYTHING into it. I can’t believe it’s real and it’s actually happening.”

Stacey joined the Rehab team in September 2023 as an investor and part-owner. The brand was founded by best friends Vicky Ellis and Anastasia Tozer.

The presenter shared that she had been a long-time user of the products before she made the decision to invest. And based on her DIY props, she’s also been a very hands-on investor.

Fans react

Fans took to the comments of Stacey’s post to congratulate her on the milestone.

“Stacey this is EPIC!!! Defo got the Stacey touch with all of this!” one fan gushed.

Another congratulated the star: “Incredible Stacey! You must all feel so proud of what you have achieved together.”

“Seriously @staceysolomon is there nothing you can’t do!! This is epic!” a third fan wrote.

“Ahh well done hunny they look fabulous. Hope your pop up shop goes well,” another commented.

Stacey Solomon on the red carpet
Stacey is heading to London to promote her hair brand. (Credit: Cover Images)

Stacey Solomon on her career

Meanwhile, an interview with the Loose Women presenter recently resurfaced. After being crowned Queen of the Jungle on I’m A Celebrity in 2010, Stacey spoke out about her career.

“I would just love to be able to say: ‘That’s the programme I present,’ and just go to work every day. Everyone wants security but I’ll just have to wait and see what comes,” Stacey mused.

“Please, please God, everything works out fine. There’s always disappointment. One minute someone will say you’ll definitely get this and the next minute you hear it’s gone to someone else.”

It’s assumed that she may have been referring to her short-lived singing career. Despite placing third on The X Factor, it unfortunately didn’t take off. However, a whole host of her other ventures happily did.

Congrats, Stace!

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