Michelle Elman speaking on This Morning

This Morning star Michelle Elman beams in bikini as she returns to ‘place she got engaged’ weeks after catching fiancé cheating

Michelle caught her ex-partner cheating just 24 hours after he proposed

This Morning star Michelle Elman has returned to the place she got engaged weeks after splitting from her cheating fiancé.

Life coach Michelle revealed in April that she caught her fiancé cheating just 24 hours after they became engaged. Speaking on This Morning at the start of May, Michelle explained: “We got engaged on Saturday and then on the Sunday, I got a DM from a woman who followed me, who’d read all my books. It was one night. He was on a business trip and he went on a dating app.”

Weeks on from the split, Michelle has told her Instagram followers that she’s returned to the place of the proposal as she shared pictures from the trip.

This Morning star Michelle Elman on Instagram

The first picture showed Michelle beaming in a blue bikini. Others showed her walking on a beach while a third saw a white bench.

Michelle said she and her ex-partner had gone to the bench to “paint the date of our engagement”.

Another snap showed Michelle and a friend smiling and others showed a roast dinner, friendship bracelets and one of her ex’s jumpers.

Alongside the images, Michelle wrote: “IMPORTANCE OF RECLAIMING. At the weekend I returned to the place I got engaged. I’d made a plan to go back next month but when a friend and I discovered we had no plans for the weekend we decided to go paddleboarding spontaneously.”

Michelle Elman speaking on This Morning
Michelle returned to the place she got proposed to (Credit: ITV)

She continued: “We went to the beach because he hated sand. We cooked roast pork because that’s the meal we were in the middle of making when I found out.

“I went to the pub with a mug of tea and knew he would have found that embarrassing. We laughed as we realised our friendship bracelets have lasted longer than my engagement did.

“And my heart filled with warmth realising my bench had been painted white for a fresh start. We had gone to the bench to paint the date of our engagement on it with our names right after our engagement.

“Funny it was the classic him + Michelle 4 eva. Who knew 24 hours is forever?”

Michelle Elman speaking on This Morning
Michelle caught her ex-partner cheating just 24 hours after their engagement (Credit: ITV)

Michelle Elman partner

Meanwhile, Michelle said the whole place was “filled with memories”. She said: “From the bed I was sat in when I found out, to where I was standing when I got that DM to the window I was staring out of when he walked out of the house and my life forever.

“I think we can say I successfully reclaimed it. The only thing that remained was his jumper.”

Michelle said it was the “only jumper I packed”. However, she said she “knew it was time to let it go”. She explained: “There was still some attachment to it because it reminded me of a time when I was ill. I know we are meant to demonise exes but one thing that’s never going to leave me is he always was very nurturing and particularly looking after me, especially when I was ill and the jumper represents a loss of that.

“It’s been sat in my wardrobe for the last few months but I hoped by bringing it, I would wear it and also reclaim it.

“I realised though that you can’t reclaim something that was never yours so it’s been put in the post. I had a little cry letting go.”

Michelle concluded: “I think the [bleep] up part about infidelity is it really messes with you what was real and what wasn’t. I think those moments of kindness and care were. I wouldn’t have been with him for 3 years if they weren’t.”

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