Woman who lives as a creepy looking doll has become a tourist attraction in her hometown!

"I feel like a celebrity, I get stopped every 10 minutes!" explains Jennifer

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A real life doll revealed how her extraordinary appearance has made her a tourist attraction.

Unable to walk more than 20 metres in public without being snapped paparazzi-style, Jennifer Jackson, 23, says strangers comment on her unusual look every 10 minutes.

The jewellery maker, who insists she lives as a doll and her style is not just an image, is often mistaken for an actress, dressed in costume for a role.

She’s even resorted to dishing out business cards, directing people to her social media pages, so they can see even more of her.

Jennifer, from Stockholm, Sweden, said: “I feel like a doll and feel pretty.  The way I look makes me feel perfect every day.

“People have a hard time understanding that I dress like this all the time. It’s not a costume, it’s who I am.”

Fair enough!

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She added: “Sometimes I do feel like a celebrity, as I get stopped every 10 minutes. Tourists take photos of me and I get lots of younger girls saying they recognise me from my photos online.”

When Jennifer’s not in a hurry, she doesn’t mind people approaching her to ask questions.

However, the attention does come with its downfalls.

She gets ‘attention fatigue’ when people take pictures of her without asking.

And she gets frustrated when people refuse to accept she has had enough.

“It can be the 100th time that week I’ve been stopped by a stranger,” she said.

“Sometimes people think I’m public property and that they have the right to ask me questions and take my picture.

“Most of the time I let them, but sometimes I hate being treated like an object.”

Jennifer’s boyfriend-of-eight months, Conny Blylod, a computer programming student, thinks she looks really cute and doesn’t care what she wears.

Jen, who has been dressing like a doll for seven years, adopted the persona after making friends with people who were interested in Japanese doll-like animations, or anime.

And when she turned 18 and was able to order outfits online herself, she started kitting herself out, so she could look “cute” – spending up to £900-a-month on clothes.

“I always thought they looked adorable,” she added.  “So, as soon as I had the opportunity to start dressing that way, I did.

“It’s very pretty, cute and colourful, and every day when I dress up I feel perfect.

“Life feels better and easier and I feel more like myself, looking like this.”

Although strangers always ask why she’s wearing a costume, Jennifer said if she dressed ‘normally’ she’d feel like an “imposter.”

She has even decorated her bedroom in pretty pastel colours to compliment her clothes.

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Jennifer, who spends an hour getting ready in the morning, even makes video tutorials, showing  how to re-create her style.

Scouring secondhand and vintage shops for outfits and accessories, she also has around a dozen wigs, so she can match her hair with her outfit. And she dyes her hair in different pastel colours.

“My family’s used to the way I dress and have stopped noticing people staring at me when we’re out,” she said.

“I have a lot of friends that dress the same way as me, who I’ve made through fashion meet-ups I’ve been to in Sweden, London, Finland, Toronto and Tokyo – as well as people I’ve met through Facebook groups.

“When there’s a group of us, we get even more attention.”

We don’t know about you, but we LOVE it!

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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