King Charles wearing a blue suit

King Charles ‘in danger of doing too much too early in his recovery’ as monarch forced to take break

The timing of the general election is 'beneficial' for the monarch

King Charles stepping back from royal duties in the run up to the general election will do wonders for his health and cancer recovery, one royal expert has claimed.

The monarch revealed earlier this year that he had been diagnosed with cancer. He hasn’t revealed the type of cancer he has. However, he recently returned to public-facing duties – something Queen Camilla shared her fears over.

Now, however, with the general election looming, the royals have said they will postpone all engagements that could distract from campaigning.

And, as a result, royal expert Jennie Bond reckons six weeks off will do Charles the world of good.

King Charles wearing a blue suit
Jennie Bond has shared her fears over King Charles’ health (Credit: Splash News)

King Charles health woes: ‘Trying to do too much’

Speaking to OK!, Jennie said that the timing of the election will be a good thing for Charles. It comes as he continues his cancer recovery.

After the election was called, Buckingham Palace released a statement. It said the family were postponing any royal engagements that might detract from campaigning.

As a result, Charles will enjoy something of a rest in the coming weeks.

And this is something that Jennie Bond thinks is well needed. She cited the “danger” the King has put himself in by trying to do too much too soon.

‘Beneficial Charles has been brought to a halt’

She said: “We know that he’s annoyed that his own reign has been obstructed by his prostate and cancer problems. Now he has been stopped again by the general election campaign. Personally, though, I think it will be beneficial in the long run that Charles – and indeed William – have been brought to a halt by the protocol of an election campaign.

“As Camilla herself said, the King has been constantly in danger of trying to do too much too early in his recovery. And these six weeks of enforced rest will give him the time he surely needs to gather his strength and make a full recovery before getting back to full-time duties.”

King Charles wearing a red uniform
The general election has forced King Charles to slow down (Credit: Splash News)

‘Royal family back to full fighting strength’

As well as the time off in the run up to the election, King Charles will also soon be off on his summer break.

Jennie added: “Of course the summer break is also coming up. I think that’s a good thing too. Hopefully, by the end of the year we shall have a Royal Family back to full fighting strength.”

The Princess of Wales is also having cancer treatment.

Speaking about the monarch’s health recently, a Buckingham Palace representative said: “His Majesty’s medical team are very encouraged by the progress made so far. They remain positive about the King’s continued recovery.

“Forthcoming engagements will be adapted where necessary to minimise any risks to His Majesty’s continued recovery. The pacing of the King’s programme will be carefully calibrated as his recovery continues, in close consultation with his medical team.”

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