King Charles, Zara Tindall and Princess Anne

King Charles set to cause ‘friction’ with Princess Anne amid claims he’s keen to ‘bestow Zara with a title’

Zara doesn't have any royal titles

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In the latest King Charles news, he is reportedly set to “bestow Zara Tindall with a title” – which is said to to cause friction with Princess Anne.

Since his cancer news this year, Charles has had several family members step up and help out – including his niece, 43-year-old Zara Tindall.

The pair are said to be very close. So much so, that it’s now been claimed that Charles could bestow Zara a title. But it appears her mum wouldn’t be too happy with it.

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Charles is said to have grown closer to Zara (Credit:

King Charles news

Princess Anne’s daughter Zara was not given the title at birth. This was due to Anne declining, the same way she did with son Peter Phillips.

It is believed Anne once described being a princess as a “mixed blessing”. Instead, she reportedly wanted her children to not have their royal heritage weigh on them throughout their lives.

According to New Idea, Zara once said: “We were very lucky that we got to do it a bit our own way.”

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Zara could be given a title, it has been claimed (Credit:

King Charles ‘keen to bestow’ Zara

However, the publication also claims Anne could raise questions about any potential titles given to her daughter in the future – despite being a “steadfast supporter” of her Charles.

It claims: “There’s talk that niece Zara Tindall, 43, who is very close to her uncle, (as witnessed by their loving moment at the Windsor Horse show recently) might become more involved in this side of things. And that Charles is keen to support such an interest by bestowing on her the title of princess.”

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Princess Anne didn’t want her daughter to have a title, apparently (Credit:

King Charles and Princess Anne ‘set for friction?’

The publication also went on to claim Charles has always believed Zara should have been given the title “all along”.

It added: “So while Anne has always been a steadfast supporter of her older brother, this is likely to cause some friction between the two.

“In trying to make life a little easier, could such a move in fact prove problematic for Charles?”

ED! has contacted representatives for the palace for comment.

Charles portrait vandalised

In other King Charles news, the monarch’s portrait was vandalised this week just weeks after he unveiled it.

The all red portrait sparked very divided reactions when it was unveiled in May. The painting, by artist Jonathan Yeo, showed the monarch in his uniform of the Welsh Guards.

It’s the first official portrait of the King since his coronation last May. However, now, the painting has been vandalised by an animal rights activist group.

Two men from Animal Rising were seen pasting an image of Wallace from the series Wallace and Gromit over the King’s face.

A speech bubble was also added which read: “No cheese Gromit, look at all this cruelty on RSPCA farms!”

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