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King Charles sends ‘heartfelt condolences’ to those who have ‘cruelly lost their lives’ in Hurricane Beryl

He shared a statement on Instagram

Amid news reports concerning the devastating effects of Hurricane Beryl across the Caribbean, King Charles has extended his sympathies and support to those affected by the natural disaster.

Through a touching message shared on the Royal Family’s official Instagram account, the King expressed sadness for those who have lost their lives.

He also shared his admiration for the resilience of the people facing the tragedy.

King Charles extends sympathies

“My family and I have been profoundly saddened to learn of the dreadful destruction caused by Hurricane Beryl across the Caribbean,” the monarch began his message.

He made a point to honour the memory of those who have tragically lost their lives due to the hurricane.

“Above all, we send our heartfelt condolences to the friends and families of those who have so cruelly lost their lives,” he added.

The King also highlighted the strong spirit of the Caribbean people. “I have seen the extraordinary spirit of resilience and solidarity that people across the Caribbean have shown in response to such destruction – a spirit which has been called upon too often,” he remarked.

King Charles then extended his gratitude towards the individuals on the front lines. “I also send my particular gratitude to the emergency services and volunteers who are supporting the rescue and recovery efforts,” he wrote.

His message concluded with an expression of support and empathy. “At this most difficult of times, please know that our most special thoughts and prayers are with all those whose lives, livelihoods and property have been so utterly devastated.”

King Charles
King Charles was criticised for his message (Credit: Cover Images)

Followers react

However, many followers criticized the King for not using his resources to help the victims.

“Send money not thoughts and prayers,” one follower wrote.

Another fumed: “Keep your condolences, and send the reparations money!”

A third commented: “Instead of just sending your condolences on Instagram, why don’t you donate some of your wealth to the people that need it during this hard time.”

Despite the criticism, there were still many fans who appreciated the King’s words. And others defended his actions.

“@theroyalfamly Thank you. We are indeed resilient here in the Caribbean,” one fan thanked the King.

“Wonderful message from His Majesty the King. Prayers to all those who are affected,” another gushed.

King Charles and Queen Camilla were heckled by an anti-monarchy mob
King Charles and Queen Camilla were heckled by an anti-monarchy mob (Credit: Splash News)

King Charles defended

On Wednesday (July 3), the King found himself in the headlines after he and Queen Camilla were targeted by an anti-monarchy mob. It came during an engagement in Edinburgh.

The royal couple were attending the Order of the Thistle Service at St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh. This service appointed Charles, Camilla and Prince Edward as members of the Order of the Thistle.

Express reported that Camilla and Edward then received their own titles as they were appointed as Royal Knights of the Order.

During their service, an anti-monarchy group showed up to protest their appearance. The group held up placards as they chanted: “Not my King!”

However, the King and Queen were defended by a group of royal fans on the other side of the street. The team from Force For Good were filmed waving Union flags at the anti-monarchy mob.

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