Prince Harry news: Naked photo scandal could ‘bite him on backside’ as Meghan ‘concerned’ after OnlyFans model threatens to leak pics

They could resurface following Kate's editing faux pas…

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The latest Prince Harry news has reportedly seen Meghan Markle left “fuming” amid claims Harry could be facing his very own photo scandal after threats from an OnlyFans model.

The claims that a 52-year-old former stripper has “unseen” snaps of Harry “in the buff”, have reportedly left Meghan “concerned”.

After the Princess of Wales’ photo-editing blunder, do the royals have yet another mortifying public scandal to endure?

Prince Harry frowning at the camera
Harry could be facing a photo scandal (Credit: Cover Images)

Prince Harry news: ‘Hell-raising’ could come back to haunt him

Prince Harry has allegedly been threatened by an OnlyFans model, who apparently has intentions to release private images of him. Carrie Royale reportedly partied with Harry back in 2012, years before he met his now-wife.

Later, almost-naked snaps of Harry were released in the tabloids. Over a decade on, Carrie has threatened to release more pictures.

According to The Sun, she teased on her adults-only website: “I have some nice ­pictures of him in the buff.” Carrie then exclaimed: “Harry was so crazy, fun-loving and spontaneous. Where did that go?

Meghan is understandably fuming about the threat of naked pictures of Harry being released.

“I think Meghan sucked the life out of him, he is definitely boring and she is wearing the pants for sure.”

Now, New magazine has shared an insight into how this may have impacted Harry and Meghan. A source alleged: “Meghan is understandably fuming about the threat of naked pictures of Harry being released to the public hanging over her head.”

‘It must be a concern’

Royal expert Duncan Larcombe also chimed in, agreeing that Harry’s years of “hell-raising” could come back to “bite him on the backside”.

He continued: “It must be a concern when something like this happens… Is this just the tip of the iceberg or the last remaining scandal? Meghan will surely be asking herself that question.”

Duncan also reckons that the Sussexes are “embarrassed” by the threats.

However, in some good news for the couple, the paper reports that Carrie Royale’s OnlyFans page has now been deactivated. This is said to be due to the model “threatening to share non-consensual intimate images”.

ED! has contacted Meghan and Harry’s reps for comment.

Meghan Markle smiling wearing hat and coat
Meghan Markle is apparently ’embarrassed’ by the threats (Credit: Cover Images)

Kate’s ‘amateur’ editing job

It’s the second scandal in a matter of days to hit the royals.

Earlier this week, the Princess of Wales shared a snap to celebrate Mother’s Day after taking time away from the spotlight due to health problems.

In the following days, the Kate issued an apology statement and admitted editing the shot. Picture agencies had previously retracted the snap due to clues that the image had been “manipulated”.

Kate explained that the problems were due to her “amateur” editing job, but this didn’t snuff swirling conspiracy theories.

‘Not used to being the subject of criticism’

When asked how the photo scandal, would have affected Kate, royal expert Duncan told ED!: “I think the online conspiracies will have upset her greatly. Kate is savvy and aware of things that are written about her and she’s not really used to being the subject of criticism.

“She’s almost walked on water since she first met William. Compared to other members of the royal family, she’s had an incredibly easy ride. So I do think this would have hit her quite hard. It was unfortunate that it played into the hands of the conspiracy theorists.”

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