Cain, Tom, Jai and Laurel in Emmerdale

11 Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Tom’s electrocution, Cain’s violent advice and Laurel’s suspicions

There's plenty going on in the village next week

Emmerdale spoilers for next week include Tom electrocuting himself after a violent rage, Cain giving Matty some prison advice and Laurel growing suspicious of Jai and Eric.

Here are 11 huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week.

Belle talking to Rachel on Emmerdale
Belle confides in her Mental Health Care Coordinator, Rachel (Credit: ITV)

1. Belle faces reality

Belle confides in her Mental Health Care Coordinator, Rachel, about her recent lies to husband Tom. She admits she told him she had a miscarriage instead of an abortion.

As Belle and Rachel’s chat goes on, Belle fears Rachel has realised the extent of Tom’s controlling behaviour. She becomes desperate for her to leave, but Rachel treasures Belle, prompting her to face the reality of Tom’s abuse.

2. Belle makes a big decision

Rachel encourages Belle to take a break from Tom, but Belle is terrified. She eventually agrees and it looks like she could be set to leave Tom and his toxic abuse behind.

Tom lashes out after finding out about Belle’s lies (Credit: ITV)

3. Tom learns Belle’s been lying

Noah informs Tom that Belle was in town for an appointment instead of walking Piper like she’d told him, and he is stunned to learn Belle has been lying to him.

Tom learns Belle took a trip to the abortion clinic… Furious, he grabs an old rusty iron bar and proceeds to smash up the barn.

Tom unconscious in Emmerdale
Tom is left unconscious after electrocuting himself (Credit: ITV)

4. Tom’s rage has devastating consequences

Tom’s violent outburst comes to an end when he smashes the metal bar against the barn’s rotary isolator behind him. He suffers an electrocution and is hurled against a beam.

Will Tom survive?

5. Will Belle leave?

Belle decides to follow Rachel’s advice and packs her case with plans to visit Debbie in Scotland. Unknown to her, Tom is lying unconscious in the barn after his violent outburst.

Will Belle leave before someone finds Tom?

6. Suni turns to Laurel for advice

After Nicky shares his hopes of moving abroad, Suni turns to Laurel for some advice about what to do. Laurel reminds him of how important it is to compromise in a relationship and says Jai would be devastated if Suni were to leave.

With Suni so unsure about moving, will Nicky be able to convince him to leave the village?

Laurel notices tension between Jai and Eric (Credit: ITV)

7. Laurel grows suspicious of Jai

Laurel notices a tense exchange between Jai and Eric, prompting her to grow suspicious of the pair.

Eric later neglects to pay for his drinks and simply tells her to speak to Jai and Laurel follows his order. She confronts Jai at Mulberry Cottage, but will he tell Laurel the truth?

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Matty looks scared by Les on Emmerdale
Matty fears new cellmate Les (Credit: ITV)

8. Matty’s new cellmate

Matty’s struggles in prison worsen when he is introduced to his new cellmate Les. The newcomer continues to taunt Matty with unnerving quips in their shared cell, leaving him concerned for his safety.

Cain and Matty in Emmerdale
Cain has some advice for Matty (Credit: ITV)

9. Cain visits Matty

Cain pays Matty a visit in prison and is quick to try and shut down his concerns about Les. Matty admits his fears as he struggles to keep his emotions in check.

Cain has some stern advice and urges him to use violence against anyone who may threaten him, but Matty isn’t so keen on Cain’s ideas.

Billy talking to Dawn and Kim on Emmerdale
Dawn and Evan return to Home Farm (Credit: ITV)

10. Dawn’s paranoia over Evan

Dawn and baby Evan finally return to Home Farm. Dawn grows paranoid about the other children being around Evan, leaving Billy concerned about how overprotective she is being.

Dawn and Rose talking on Emmerdale
Rose and Dawn share a sweet moment (Credit: ITV)

11. Rose comforts Dawn

Dawn seeks comfort in Rose, who has some wise words for her. A heartfelt conversation about Dawn’s natural ability as a mum helps bring Rose closer to her daughter.

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