Coronation Street spoilers comp image: Gemma, Joel, Kevin (Credit: ITV/comp ED!)

8 Coronation Street spoilers for next week including Gemma’s desperation, Joel blackmailed and Kevin’s despair

Gemma has to face the music next week on the cobbles

In Coronation Street spoilers for next week Gemma’s desperation leads to an arrest, Joel is blackmailed and Stefan runs rings round Kevin.

Read on below to see what’s in store for the residents of Coronation Street.

Gemma and Cerys in the shoe shop on Corrie
Gemma and Carys in the shoe shop (Credit: ITV)

1. Gemma faces financial ruin

Gemma is struggling to keep her head above water. Carys really needs new shoes and the news comes right after receiving a fine for £70. Gemma is then distraught when the price of the shoes is more than she can afford.

Without thinking, the struggling mum takes Carys and the unpaid shoes and flees the shop. Bernie questions the new purchase and wonders how Gemma could afford them. Will Gemma come clean about her crime?

Gemma and Kit talk in a prison cell on Corrie
Kit talks to Gemma in prison (Credit: ITV)

2. Prison time for Gemma in Coronation Street spoilers

After the theft, Gemma is brought into the police station as a stunned Kit watches. In an attempt to help Gemma, Kit visits the shoe shop in hopes of getting the situation resolved.

Gemma is left stunned by Kit’s help and later introduces him to her family. But will she realise who he really is and why he’s really helping her?

Kevin confronts Stefan (Credit: ITV)

3. Stefan’s scam?

Kevin tells Tyrone of Stefan’s plan to help take down the deep fake videos that are haunting him. However, Stefan backs out and refuses to help Kevin.

Stefan doesn’t want to pay £60k per year to keep the videos offline. But what will Kevin do next?

Dee-Dee, Ed, Anthea, and Gus (Credit: ITV)

4. Dee-Dee’s disaster dinner in Coronation Street spoilers

Dee-Dee and Ed meet up with Anthea and Gus at the Bistro for a pleasant meal. Anthea apologises for past transgressions and everything appears to be going smoothly.

That is until Amy reveals Joel and Dee-Dee are actually engaged! Will Anthea and Gus congratulate the happy couple?

Steve in the Rovers (Credit: ITV)

5. Happy 50th, Steve!

Steve’s 50th birthday is fast approaching and Tim persuades Steve to celebrate in style. However, when Tim cancels last minute, Steve is convinced something bigger is on the horizon.

But actually Tim is going with Sally to the unveiling of Tommy’s O’s bronze bust at Weathy County. Poor Steve! But will he find out there’s no surprise party planned?

Joel looking shady on the phone in Corrie
Should Joel be worried? (Credit: ITV)

6. Joel blackmailed in Coronation Street spoilers

With Dee-Dee is busy planning an engagement party, her fiancé Joel receives a call from Sabrina’s friend asking to meet. She states that he has to meet her or else.

As Joel realises he’s being threatened, what are the girls planning? And can he talk his way out of this blackmail?

Glenda talking to Michael on Corrie
Michael is obviously getting a bit fed up of Glenda (Credit: ITV)

7. Glenda’s final plea

Glenda continues to bang on about the situation with George and it’s threatening her new relationship with Michael. She won’t give up what she feels is rightfully hers which causes Michael to distance himself from the situation. It’s certainly clear he disapproves.

Glenda confronts George and states that if he gives her his house she will drop the case. But will George agree to the terms?

Coronation Street: Steve looks unimpressed as Amy and Daniel discuss their options in the Rovers
Steve is soon to be even more disappointed than he looks! (Credit: ITV)

8. Surprising Steve

Steve is convinced more than ever about a surprise party when he overhears Sally and Tim discussing buying an outfit. However, Tracy has cancelled her flight from Spain leaving Steve a bit disheartened about his plans to win her back.

Steve continues his pursuit of the “truth” and quizzes everyone in the Rovers about his surprise party to which they deny everything. Will Steve ever get his party?

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6 exciting Coronation Street spoilers for next week (June 17th-21st)

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