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9 Coronation Street spoilers for next week: Lauren’s tracked down, Carla causes an accident, and Betsy schemes

Dee-Dee and Bethany search for the 'missing' woman

In Coronation Street spoilers for next week, Dee-Dee and Bethany team up to search soup kitchens in Warrington in a bid to track ‘missing’ Lauren down.

Elsewhere, Carla gets into a sticky situation when she knocks a yob off their bike with her car door.

All this and more in Coronation Street spoilers for next week.

Dee-Dee and Bethany talk with a homeless woman on Corrie

1. Bethany and Dee-Dee search for Lauren

With the hospital confirming that a blonde girl did visit Roy, Dee-Dee tells Joel and Bethany that the police are checking the CCTV to see whether it was Lauren.

Bethany thinks that Lauren was the one using her credit card and teams up with Dee-Dee to search for her in local soup kitchens in Warrington.

Joel panics when Dee-Dee informs him of their plan. But, will he get to Lauren before they do?

2. Nina tries to raise Roy’s spirits

Roy’s nervous about leaving the hospital as Nina brings him back home. She then suggests that he takes a break and visits Cathy in Scarborough. Will Roy take Nina’s advice?

3. Lauren apologises to Roy

Later on, Lauren turns up at the café and apologises to Roy. She then starts talking to Bobby in the Rovers.

Bobby offers Lauren a place to stay for the night, but Carla’s absolutely livid with Bobby’s offer…

4. Carla injures a yob

Carla spots the yobs who previously targeted Roy at the precinct and goes to confront them. However, one of the yobs cycles towards her and is hit by Carla’s car door. Will this get her into trouble?

5. Betsy causes trouble for Carla

Carla faces more chaos as Betsy continues to push her boundaries by asking for early lunch breaks whilst slacking on the job.

Frustrated, Carla heads off to speak to Lisa about her daughter. However, their conversation is interrupted as Lisa hears that Betsy is stranded in a rough part of town.

6. Betsy and Beth join forces

Noticing that Beth’s let herself into the factory, intrigued Betsy follows her. Rumbling Beth’s schemes, Betsy threatens to expose her to Carla unless she lets her get involved too.

With this, Beth shows Betsy how to sew the counterfeit labels onto the t-shirts. Will Carla find out though?

7. Dylan gets some bad news about Mason

Happy to be given a trial shift at Speed Daal, Dylan soon panics when Maria reveals that Mason has been released from prison.

But, can Sean protect Dylan from being influenced by Mason once more?

8. Rowan blackmails Nick

Leanne tries to convince Amy to join the Institute whilst contemplating whether to invest £40k in the business herself.

Later, Rowan tries to get Nick to invest in the new resource centre. If he doesn’t, he’ll tell Leanne about his and Toyah’s affair. Will Nick give into Rowan’s demands?

9. Toyah digs for evidence

Desperate to take Rowan and the Institute down, Toyah rummages in Rowan’s pockets and finds his driving licence.

She then reverse images the photos of him. But, will she find the information she seeks?

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3 exciting Coronation Street spoilers for next week (8th-12th July)

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