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Corrie: Calum Lill teases Joel desperation as Lauren returns with huge news: ‘We definitely haven’t seen the worst of him yet’

Joel's world is unravelling

During tonight’s episode of Corrie (Tuesday, July 9), Joel ran into Lauren at the hospital and cornered her in a side room as he confronted her.

Lauren was scared of Joel but soon regained some power over him as he discovered she was pregnant with his baby.

Coronation Street star Calum Lill has now revealed that Joel will turn into a ‘desperate man’ following Lauren’s baby news.

Coronation Street's Joel is grabbing onto Lauren in the hospital
Lauren is pregnant (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Lauren’s pregnant

This week on the cobbles, Lauren made a surprise return to the soap after previously being presumed dead.

With Roy having a heart attack, he was rushed to hospital after being given CPR. He then received a mystery visitor… Lauren.

With Lauren apologising to Roy, Roy then told Nina tonight about the encounter. However, Nina reckoned that Roy was hallucinating.

Lauren soon ran into Joel at the hospital as he’d turned up to give Roy his things on behalf of Nina and Dee-Dee.

He cornered Lauren in a family room and had made out that he’d only ever wanted what was best for her.

It wasn’t long though before he realised that Lauren was pregnant, getting aggressive once Lauren mentioned Dee-Dee…

Fortunately, Lauren managed to escape and legged it out of the hospital despite Joel trying to chase her.

Coronation Street's Calum Lill is happy
Calum has teased more to come (Credit: ITV)

Corrie star Calum Lill hints at ‘desperate’ measures for Joel

With Lauren now pregnant, Joel’s world is about to unravel as Calum Lill has admitted that ‘the stakes are much higher.’

Speaking to Entertainment Daily! and other media, Calum Lill has admitted that viewers will soon see Joel turns to ‘extreme lengths’ to save himself as Lauren’s pregnancy is the ‘evidence’ that could blow his whole life apart.

“He’s got to fight for his life as he knows it because he’ll go from a well-paid solicitor with a nice flat in the centre of town, a nice car, fiancée, a wedding to plan, a daughter that he looks after that he loves, to someone in prison with people that he’s used to representing. He’s got everything to lose.


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“Best case scenario of people finding out is that he loses his fiancée which is his whole world anyway, who he idolises and puts on a pedestal. So, it makes it way more serious…”

Calum then teased: “We definitely haven’t seen the worst of him yet.”

He then suggested that Joel will be ‘pushed to extremes’ as ‘the stakes are bigger than they’ve ever been.’

“I think that desperate times, desperate measures is what comes to mind. So I think he’s going to do whatever it takes to get to her [Lauren] first. And, I think that whatever he does next is probably going to be a tough watch.”

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