Coronation Street's Cassie, and in a bubble is Ken

Coronation Street: Cassie will steal from Ken, fans predict

Are Cassie's intentions pure?

Coronation Street is back again with more drama and this time Ken is in the mix. Fans have now been predicting Cassie will betray Ken.

Read on to find out exactly how Cassie could hurt Ken in Coronation Street.

Cassie and Hope on Corrie
Cassie’s been caring for Ken (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street recap – Cassie has been caring for Ken

Recently, Cassie has volunteered to take care of Ken as his carer. Ken suffered a fall which led to a really slow recovery and doctors suggested help wouldn’t be a bad idea.

However, Ken has just learned that Cassie has no experience as a carer, with fans wondering what her true intentions are. After finding out the lie, Ken sacked Cassie, but Cassie stated Steve knew all along.

Unusually, Ken listened to Cassie as she tried to explain her side and assured Ken she was capable of helping him. He allowed Cassie to continue her care work, but are Cassie’s intentions pure?

Steve and Cassie in Corrie argue
Cassie has been enjoying bonding with Ken (Credit: ITV)

Fans vs. Cassie

Cassie has fooled Ken into believing her lies, but Coronation Street fans are worried about his safety.

One fan wrote on X: “Wouldn’t be surprised if Cassie is Ken’s next wife.”

While another stated: “Imagine a love triangle between Ken, Cassie, and Steve.”


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Fans are assuming Cassie will want to wed Ken for his money or perhaps just rob him blind in other ways.

Here’s another fan’s response to the latest storyline: “Cassie is obviously going to steal something valuable off Ken and then flog it,” and more have agreed with this bold statement: “As if Ken would let Cassie be his carer. He would have to hide all his valuables away when she comes.”
Do you think Ken is getting used for his money or does Cassie actually have a heart?

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