Coronation Street's Rowan is serious

Coronation Street star Emrhys Cooper teases Rowan ‘dark and checkered’ background to be unearthed

Emrhys has teased Rowan's backstory

Viewers of Coronation Street will know that Rowan Cunliffe – played by Emrhys Cooper – is currently luring Leanne deeper into the Institute ideology.

Toyah has been concerned for her sister as she continues to lap up ideas over ‘reality coding.’

Coronation Street actor Emrhys Cooper has now teased that Rowan may actually be a ‘victim.’

Toyah in Corrie is furious to see Rowan at Rose's funeral as Leanne and Nick hold her back
Rowan has drawn Leanne in (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Rowan and the Institute

Rowan and the Institute have become Leanne’s latest obsession as Toyah worries about the influence it’s having on her sister.

She reckons that Rowan is scamming Leanne, desperate to bring the Institute – and Rowan – down.

However, Leanne won’t listen to Toyah’s warnings, with Toyah being pressurised into signing an NDA. She’s agreed never to write or say anything defamatory about the Institute again.

This comes after Rowan secured an image of Nick and Toyah kissing, blackmailing Toyah into signing the agreement. If she didn’t, Leanne may find out about her affair…

Viewers will soon see more of Rowan’s history (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street star Emrhys Cooper hints at Rowan ‘victim’ twist

With Amy Barlow soon being drawn into the Institute after Rowan catches wind of her inheritance fund, Emrhys Cooper has revealed that viewers are soon set to uncover Rowan’s ‘dark and checkered’ history.

His history may prove that Rowan is actually a ‘victim’ of the Institute himself, and that his uploads may be quite damaging should they get out.


The star shared: “I think he had a very dark and checkered past which is going to come out.

“He discovered this organisation [the Institute] and it did help turn his life around, but they have a lot of information on him because Rowan has done an upload and his upload was probably quite juicy. So, he might be scared to leave the cult. I think he’s in deep.”

He then added: “The cult has saved his life, he believes by getting these people in the organisation, he’s going to be saving them.” But, is he really a ‘victim?’ What will his ‘dark’ past reveal? What secret does he not want getting out?

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