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Coronation Street furious as Toyah shames her solicitor for having a tattoo

Fans didn't like how Toyah treated Kim

Coronation Street fans were left furious as Toyah shamed her solicitor for having a tattoo in last night’s episode (Wednesday, June 15 2022).

This week Toyah was arrested for the murder of her husband Imran and in last night’s scenes she was appointed a solicitor, Kim Wallis.

However fans were not impressed with how Toyah treated Kim.

Toyah looks worried on the phone in Coronation Street
Toyah was arrested for Imran’s murder this week (Credit: ITV)

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Coronation Street: Toyah arrested for murder

Toyah has been desperate to have a baby of her own for years.

But last year her then-fiancé Imran cheated on her with Abi Webster, resulting in Abi falling pregnant and giving birth to a son, called Alfie.

Despite Imran’s cheating, Toyah forgave him and wanted them to raise Alfie together.

A couple of weeks ago, Imran came clean to Toyah that he lied in court about Abi taking drugs.

Toyah was devastated and realised they could lose custody of baby Alfie.

She ended up driving into a building and later Imran died after suffering cardiac arrest.

Police started to become suspicious of Toyah after realising she didn’t try to brake the car before the crash. She was charged with dangerous driving.

The police discovered that Imran left her a voicemail confessing he’d made a huge mistake and that Toyah deleted it after she was first questioned.

Toyah was then arrested for murder and in last night’s episode she was appointed a solicitor called Kim.

Toyah didn’t like that Kim had a tattoo (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street furious as Toyah shames her solicitor for having a tattoo

Kim walked into the interview room and Toyah was immediately horrified to see she had a tattoo on her hand and lower arm.

She asked her what the tattoo was and Kim admitted it was ‘a mistake she made on her gap year in Thailand’ and explained her ex-boyfriend wanted her to get it.

Toyah immediately thought if the judge saw that tattoo Kim wouldn’t be taken seriously.

She continued to be rude to Kim, despite her only trying to help.

Toyah told Kim she should get her tattoo removed (Credit: ITV)

Soon Toyah called her sister Leanne to tell her about her arrest. Leanne filled in Nick on what happened with Toyah and she clearly told her about Kim’s tattoo.

Nick said he didn’t think the tattoo would make a difference, but Leanne told him she didn’t see it helping.

Later Toyah continued to go on about Kim’s tattoo, telling her she should get it removed saying ‘it’s like a doctor smoking.’

However Coronation Street fans were furious at how Toyah was being so judgemental over a tattoo.

Who plays Kim Wallis in Coronation Street?

Kim was played by actress Rebecca Hesketh-Smith

What has Rebecca Hesketh-Smith been in?

Last year, Rebecca made an appeared in Casualty playing Millie Hayford.

In 2020 she played Gaby in TV mini-series Life.

She also had a role in TV series Britannia and the TV film Mother’s Day.

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