Coronation Street's Georgia Taylor, and in a bubble are Nick and Toyah

Coronation Street star Georgia Taylor hints at ‘full-blown’ affair for Nick and Toyah as she elaborates on ‘emotional connection’ amid cancer revelation

There looks to be more to come

This evening’s episode of Coronation Street (Friday, July 5), saw Toyah receive more big news whilst at the hospital following her pregnancy discovery.

Sadly, she found out that she wasn’t actually pregnant but, instead, may have ovarian cancer.

Now, Corrie actress Georgia Taylor has hinted that Nick and Toyah’s affair has much further to go as the pair share an ’emotional connection’ following this recent revelation.

Toyah, Nick and Leanne in the hospital on Corrie
Toyah realised that she isn’t actually pregnant (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Toyah hospital news

This week on Corrie, Toyah found herself on the floor with agonising stomach pains. Nick then took her to hospital where she found out that she was pregnant (yes, with Nick’s baby!)

Toyah made out to Leanne that she had a one-night-stand with a stranger, before deciding to keep the baby.

Viewers will know that Toyah has always wanted to be a mum, going through endless rounds of IVF in the past. She did give birth to a stillborn baby girl when she was younger but has only opened up about this recently.

Tonight though,  Toyah went for a scan and was told that there was no baby. The test had given a false positive.

After some scans, she was told that a growth had been found on her ovary. She then had to have an urgent biopsy, as it was possible that she may have ovarian cancer.

Nick then stayed at the hospital to support Toyah as Leanne went off to join Rowan at her latest Institute meetup…

Nick and Toyah turn each other for support (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street actress Georgia Taylor details depth of Nick and Toyah affair

With Leanne distancing herself from both Nick and Toyah, Georgia Taylor has now admitted that Nick and Toyah feel bonded by an ’emotional connection.’

It is this that may mean that the pair end up having a lengthy affair, she has teased whilst speaking to Entertainment Daily! and other media.

When asked if a ‘full-blown affair’ could be on the cards, the star shared: “It’s a soap, so I would hope so.”

She then explained: “[We’ve] really wanted to make this an emotional affair as opposed to just sex.

“Ben and I have been really focused on trying to make it an emotional connection. But, again, what that means is that potentially the stakes are a lot higher.”

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