Leanne, Nick, Toyah and Rowan in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV/ Composite ED!)

Coronation Street: Rowan will still expose Nick and Toyah affair to Leanne despite NDA signing, fans predict

Fans don't trust Rowan and neither do we

Coronation Street has been filled with controversial affairs over the years. However, fans have made it very clear Nick and Toyah are one of the worst.

Will Rowan expose Nick and Toyah’s affair to Leanne in Coronation Street?

Coronation Street: Toyah is upset
Toyah signed the NDA (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Nick and Toyah affair

The relationship between Nick and Toyah has been a big discussion amongst Coronation Street fans. It’s certainly causing a stir both on and off-screen.

Leanne agreed to pay for Rose’s funeral with her savings unbeknownst to Toyah, Leanne actually asked Rowan for help. Unfortunately, this led to a clash between sisters.

Luckily for both sisters, Nick is always there for comfort. Nick tried to comfort Toyah after the revelation and one thing led to another…

After their hot encounter, Leanne approached Toyah and promised to always be honest. Toyah approached Rowan and vowed to pay back every penny used for the funeral.

Not only did Toyah promise to pay Rowan back with money, but also stated she would not sign his NDA. However, it turns out Toyah and Nick were being watched when they kissed each other in front of the window… and Rowan had all the power yet again.

Toyah tells smug Rowan he can't blackmail her in Coronation Street
Rowan knows about Nick and Toyah’s affair (Credit: ITV)

Rowan’s masterplan

Fans were quick to react to Rowan’s blackmailing scheme as it’s clear his character on Coronation Street isn’t a popular one.

With Toyah signing an NDA so that Rowan wouldn’t expose the affair to Leanne, fans have worried that he’ll still tell her anyway. Now, he’ll get his own way though and silence Toyah through the agreement.


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On X, one fan wrote: “Does Toyah really think signing the NDA will stop Rowan from using that photo? I really can’t see Rowan giving up that ammo & wouldn’t put it past him to use it to get Toyah & Nick to endorse his cult. Give in to a blackmailer once & they’ll keep coming back for more.”

Another fan found it laughable and shared: “I would love it if Toyah signed that contract and Rowan still shows the pictures of her and Nick to Leanne.”

A third fan replied: “Of course he will. It is Corrie after all.”

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