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Coronation Street spoilers: Dee-Dee tracks Lauren down, but Joel is determined to get to her first…

It's a race against time

In Coronation Street spoilers, Dee-Dee finally tracks down missing Lauren Bolton. However, Joel is determined to ensure her silence, and sets out to get to her first.

Lauren’s re-appearance follows Roy’s hospitalisation last week. As he lay in bed, he received a mystery visitor at his bedside – and shocked Carla and Nina with claims that it was Lauren.

As hospital CCTV appears to back up Roy’s claims, Dee-Dee and Bethany are determined to track down Lauren. And the pair soon get a lead in the case.

But with Dee-Dee and Bethany unknowingly racing against Joel to reach Lauren, who will get to her first?

And what will Lauren say when she is finally found?

Read Coronation Street spoilers for this storyline in full below.

Joel, Dee-Dee and Bethany in the cafe on Corrie
Dee-Dee tells Bethany that Lauren may have been found (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Bethany and Joel try to track down Lauren

Dee-Dee and Nina are shocked when the nurse tells them that Roy’s visitor was a young girl with blonde hair – potentially missing Lauren. At the cafe, Dee-Dee tells Bethany and Joel that the police are checking the CCTV to see if it could have been Lauren.

Later, Joel tells Dee-Dee that he has booked their wedding for September 27. He then heads off with Bethany to look through her credit card statements to see if they can find clues for Lauren’s whereabouts.

Later, he gets a text from blackmailing Betsy demanding more money. He tells Dee-Dee he’s off to work, heading out again.

What will Joel do next?

Dee-Dee and Bethany talk with a homeless woman on Corrie
At a soup kitchen, Dee-Dee and Bethany get some promising news (Credit: ITV)

Lauren’s been found!

Meanwhile, as Dee-Dee combs the credit card statements, she decides to check soup kitchens – where a homeless woman tells her that Lauren is squatting in a local pub.

She calls Joel to let him know, before setting off with Bethany. Joel sets off to intercept Lauren first – but will he make it on time?

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