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Eileen Grimshaw turns detective on Coronation Street next week

What is it this time?

Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal Eileen Grimshaw will turn detective.

Confused after love interest George Shuttleworth refuses to let her stay over at his house, Eileen is determined to get to the truth.

George tries to fob her off with a, frankly, unbelievable story about his overprotective cat, Ridley.

Coronation Street: Angry Eileen confronts George
Eileen thinks George is hiding something from her (Credit: ITV)

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What is George’s secret in Coronation Street spoilers?

But Eileen isn’t fooled by his cover story and ropes in Sean Tully to help her investigate.

George is stunned when he arrives home and finds Sean and Eileen staking out his garden.

Eileen tries to explain that they were checking out his cat story, but George is furious.

Later, Todd hears about the failed attempt to uncover George’s secret.

He then decides he’ll get to the bottom of it himself. Will George come clean?

When Eileen tells George not to be ridiculous and stay the night, George clearly looks worried.

Coronation Street George with umbrella spots Eileen in the garden
George catches Eileen in the act (Credit: ITV)

What is the undertaker hiding from her?

Hopefully it’s not as big as the secret he kept from her last year – that her serial killing husband, Pat Phelan, had returned from the dead.

He hadn’t really, of course, just his ashes but George and Todd didn’t want Eileen to know.

Todd had lied and told her the ashes belonged to an old lady who had no one to bury her.

Eileen then decided to give the old lady, Patsy Freeman, a proper send off.

But as she delivered a moving eulogy, George realised he couldn’t keep lying to her.

Will Eileen ever be lucky in love?

Eileen was shocked to discover the ashes were actually Pat’s and fled in terror.

George later arrived at Eileen’s pleading for her forgiveness.

Coronation Street Sean and Eileen in George's garden
Eileen and Sean are cat burglars – hoping to find a cat! (Credit: ITV)

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He explained that he was trying to save her feelings, but had got it really wrong.

Eileen forgave him and they gave their blossoming romance another try.

So whatever George is hiding this time, it can’t be as bad as that.

Corrie fans will be hoping for a happy ending for the couple who have done nothing but fall out with each other since his arrival.

Viewers even took to Twitter back in August to say they’d lost interest in George and Eileen’s storyline.

“Oh, enough with the Eileen and George will they won’t they, the nation has lost interest!” tweeted one annoyed fan.

Will unlucky-in-love Eileen ever meet her Prince Charming?

Coronation Street usually airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.

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