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Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Gemma steals to support her kids, but will she get caught?

Drama drama and more drama...

Coronation Street spoilers tonight reveal that Gemma resorts to desperate measures to support her children. But will it come back to bite her?

Elsewhere, Kevin receives some devastating news about the deep fake videos. Meanwhile, things turn awkward turn during a meal with Dee-Dee and her future parents-in-law. And Sabrina’s given a warning by her pal over Joel.

Read all these Coronation Street spoilers tonight and more in full below.

Gemma and Cerys with an assistant in a shoe shop on Corrie
Gemma ends up stealing from a shoe shop (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Gemma steals to support her children

Gemma’s day goes from bad to worse when she gets a £70 parking fine in the post. To top it off, Carys desperately needs new shoes.

She takes the youngster to the shoe shop to get her feet measured but the shoes are a hefty £45 – leaving her gutted.

While the assistant is distracted, Gemma grabs Carys’s hand and they run out of the shop without paying. When Bernie sees the shoes she quizzes Gemma on how she afforded them.. but will Gemma come clean?

Later on, Chesney is serving up kebabs for Joseph’s delighted school mates who are around for dinner. Gemma gets a shock though when she sees one of the dads who has come to collect his son.

Dee-Dee heads out for a dinner with Joel’s parents (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Dee-Dee goes for meal with Joel’s parents

Elsewhere on Corrie, Kevin confides in Tyrone that Stefan has agreed to pay to take down the deep fake videos.

However, Stefan tells Kevin that the deal is off as he’s not willing to pay the £60k per year to take the videos down. How will Kevin react to the news?

Meanwhile Dee-Dee and Ed meet up with Anthea and Gus for lunch in the bistro. Anthea apologises for their earlier behaviour and Dee-Dee’s pleasantly surprised.

But things take an awkward turn when Amy lets slip that Joel and Dee-Dee are engaged- leaving Anthea and Gus taken aback.

Elsewhere, Sabrina’s mate reckons Joel’s a creep and she should steer well clear.  Sabrina realises she’s been naive.

Tim is keen for Steve to celebrate his milestone birthday (Credit: ITV)

Steve’s upcoming 50th birthday

Also happening on the cobbles, the pressure is on for Steve to celebrate his fiftieth by heading on a night out – with Tim totally keen.

Sally shows Tim an invitation to the unveiling of Tommy O’s bronze bust at the County ground.  Tim’s gutted to realise it clashes with Steve’s fiftieth.

When Tim tells Steve he can no longer go on the night out with him Steve assumes a surprise party is being planned.

George finds Glenda and Michael in the café and suggests they bury the hatchet and meet for a drink later. Will Glenda agree?

Coronation Street usually airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV.

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