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Corrie: Cait Fitton teases huge Lauren advantage over Joel following pregnancy twist: ‘The baby is Lauren’s trump card’

Lauren now has a baby to her advantage

Tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (Tuesday, July 9), saw Joel corner Lauren as the pair shared a heated altercation with each other at the hospital.

Joel was stunned though when he realised that Lauren was around five months pregnant… and that she was expecting HIS baby!

Corrie star Cait Fitton has now shared how Lauren’s unborn baby may give her an advantage when it comes to gaining power over Joel.

Joel is grabbing onto a frightened Lauren at the hospital
Joel wasn’t impressed with the discovery (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Lauren’s pregnancy revealed

This week, Lauren returned to Weatherfield as she visited Roy in hospital following his recent heart attack. She proved that she was still alive as she apologised to him.

However, this evening, Joel spotted Lauren at the hospital and cornered her in one of the rooms.

The pair then had it out with each other as Lauren feared for her life. Joel made out that he was only looking after her and never meant to hurt her.

It was after this moment that he realised that Lauren was pregnant, with the teen confirming that she was expecting his baby.

She then brought up Dee-Dee’s name, which angered Joel even more. She managed to get away and escape the hospital despite Joel chasing her. But, how long will it be before Joel finds her?

Coronation Street's Lauren is standing in the hospital
Lauren has the evidence… (Credit: ITV)

Corrie star Cait Fitton opens up on new ‘power dynamic’ for Lauren and Joel

Speaking to Entertainment Daily! and other media recently, Cait Fitton shared how Lauren’s baby is the evidence she needs to gain power over Joel. He knows that Lauren now has physical evidence of what he did to her, with this information potentially being enough to destroy his reputation and send him to prison.


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Cait explained: “They both in a way have got power. The baby is Lauren’s trump card. ‘If you do anything to hurt me, that’s my evidence.’ And, then it’s him manipulating her. So you’ve got that power dynamic.”

Speaking about how this evidence could be damaging to Joel, Calum Lill also detailed: “This is way more serious now because he can’t deny that he slept with her. It’s just proof that he doesn’t need.”

But, how will we see this power shift between the two characters as time goes on?

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