Coronation Street's Joel is covering Lauren's mouth

Corrie: Cait Fitton teases that Lauren will turn back to Joel for support following pregnancy reveal: ‘As long as that baby’s safe, that’s all she cares about’

The baby becomes Lauren's world

Tonight’s episode of Corrie (Tuesday, July 9), saw Joel and Lauren come face to face with each other once again as Joel cornered the struggling teen at the hospital.

Lauren then revealed that she is expecting a baby, pregnant with Joel’s child…

Corrie actress Cait Fitton has now hinted that Lauren will return to Joel’s clutches once more in a bid to care for her baby.

Coronation Street's Joel is covering Lauren's mouth
Lauren’s pregnant! (Credit: ITV/ Composite ED!)

Coronation Street: Lauren is pregnant

Over on the cobbles last night (Monday, July 8), Lauren made a surprise return to the soap and proved that she was still alive as she visited Roy in hospital.

This evening, Joel spotted Lauren and cornered her in a family room, telling her that he only had her best interests at heart.

Joel the realised that Lauren was five months pregnant with his child, soon panicking at what this meant for his life.

Lauren then brought up the topic of Dee-Dee which only angered Joel further. Managing to escape, Lauren then ran away as Joel desperately tried to chase her.

However, a phone call from Dee-Dee stopped him from catching up with the mother of his unborn child.

Joel is grabbing onto a frightened Lauren at the hospital
Lauren has to put her baby first (Credit: ITV)

Corrie star Cait Fitton teases how Lauren’s baby will put her in danger

Speaking to Entertainment Daily! and other media recently, Cait Fitton reveals how Lauren’s unborn baby has become the centre of her world.

She shared: “Lauren’s never had unconditional love. She doesn’t know what it is. So when anyone tries to get close to her, her guard automatically goes up. But, I think with a child, her child, she’s that child’s role model. And, that baby’s going to be with her through everything. And, she’s powerful. She’s got a baby. She’s got someone that’s going to love her unconditionally, and she’s never had that.


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“She’s petrified. She’s terrified. She knows what this man [Joel] could do, she knows that he won’t stop at anything and now it’s not just her she’s got to worry about, it’s her baby.”

“Lauren doesn’t care what happens to her now, as long as that baby’s safe, that’s all she cares about.”

She then hinted that with Joel’s authority, Lauren will believe that ‘this person can take care of the baby’ as he has the power to ‘put a roof over her baby’s head’ after spending months in hostels and sleeping homeless herself.

But, will Lauren ever be able to escape from Joel’s clutches? Or, is she trapped?

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