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EastEnders: Bianca to get pregnant with Junior’s baby and give it to Sonia, a new fan theory predicts

Stranger things have happened!

EastEnders viewers are convinced there is a big twist coming as sisters Sonia Fowler and Bianca Jackson argue over Son’s IVF treatment and her thieving boyfriend Reiss.

The fans are predicting that in order to make amends with her sister, Bianca’s going to give her the ultimate present – a baby! What?!

We know! It sounds crazy, but this is Soapland and stranger things can and do happen all the time!

Monique, Junior and Bianca look uncomfortable in cafe in EastEnders
Bianca hooked up with Junior (Credit: BBC)

Baby blues?

Viewers reckon that Bianca could have got pregnant after her bunk-up with Junior Knight, and will decide to give her baby to her sister, Sonia.

With Bianca already mum to Liam, Tiffany and Morgan, and adopted mum to Whitney, she’s got her hands full as it is. So we’d totally understand that she might not be in the right place to bring up a new baby.

But is it plausible that she’d get pregnant in the first place? AND then decide to hand over her baby to her sister, when they’re barely talking as it is?

The EastEnders fans definitely think so!

Bianca in EastEnders looks sad as she folds her arms
Bianca’s been having a tricky time (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Patter of tiny feet for Bianca?

Some fans reckon Cindy could be the one to get pregnant (we don’t want to be rude about Cindy, who is FABULOUS, but she’s perhaps a little past the baby stage?). But others have commented that it could be Bianca who’s expecting…

Other fans have pointed out that Bianca’s odd behaviour recently could be down to pregnancy hormones! “She’s in such a bad mood all the time and she keeps eating loads,” one observant viewer pointed out.

And more than one viewer thinks that if Bianca is up the duff-duff, then she could be handing over baby Junior Junior (ho ho!) to Sonia.

And Reiss.

Who Bianca hates. Hmmm…

We’re not convinced but we’ve been wrong before and the EastEnders fans are VERY good at this sort of prediction. What do you reckon?

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