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EastEnders: Bianca to have car accident after drink driving, fans predict

Drunk Bianca drove off in her taco van

Fans of EastEnders have predicted that Bianca could be in serious trouble after last been seen driving off with a skinful of booze in her stomach.

In a rough week for Bianca, she discovered Reiss’s secret and confronted him. However, Sonia took Reiss’s side in their feud, lashing out when Bianca spilled everything to the onlookers of The Vic.

Following their row, a drunken Bianca stumbled into her van and drove off.

This has left fans worrying whether Bianca might now be headed for trouble…

Bianca in EastEnders looks sad as she folds her arms
Bianca is losing her friends and family (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans fear for drunk-driving Bianca

Writing on X after the episode aired last night (Wednesday, June 12), a number of EastEnders fans shared their theory that Bianca might be caught in a drink-driving accident.

‘Bianca should not be driving in that state, hope she doesn’t kill anyone,’ wrote one fan.

‘Bianca’s surely gonna drive the Burrito Van into a wall. The question is, would we be that bothered and would the wall be okay?’ asked another.

‘I think Bianca will have an accident and end up in hospital,’ said a third.

‘I hope you crash that car in a lake Bianca,’ said another, somewhat uncharitably.

Could Bianca be in danger?

Zack and Bianca smile in The Queen Vic
Bianca’s depressed… but can you blame her? (Credit: BBC)

Bianca reveals depression diagnosis

This same episode, Bianca confided in Kat, revealing that doctors had recently diagnosed her with depression. Her recent stint in Walford is unlikely to have done the condition any favours.

Since returning, both her daughter and sister have disowned her. After discovering Zack and Lauren’s affair, Bianca ultimately opted to keep quiet – incurring the wrath of a betrayed Whitney in the process.

Her treatment of Reiss – and outburst in The Vic – led to Sonia washing her hands of Bianca too. Is there no way back for Bianca?

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