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EastEnders fans predict shock affair for Nish and Priya

Has Priya set her sights on Nish?

Last night in EastEnders (Thursday, October 19), Priya and Avani got evicted from their flat and struggled to find somewhere to stay.

Priya then had Avani turn on the waterworks in a bid to make Ravi feel bad for them.

EastEnders fans have now predicted a shock affair for Nish and Priya after watching these scenes.

EastEnders' Nish is sitting next to Priya
Nish befriended Priya (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Priya and Avani got evicted

Last night, as Priya and Avani went home they were soon evicted from their flat and had to go crawling back to the Panesars.

Avani successfully made Ravi feel guilty enough to offer up his flat but the offer didn’t extend out to Priya.

Nish had overheard Priya stressed on the phone, worrying that Avani would be taken away from her now that they didn’t have a place to stay.

Later on, with Avani deciding to stay with her mum, the Panesars bid farewell to their new family member.

Bonding with Priya after overhearing her earlier phone call, Nish then said that they could stay in Kheerat’s old room as he wouldn’t be using it for years.

Ravi was furious that Priya was moving in but she made it clear that where Avani went she would follow.

EastEnders' Priya is with Nish at The Vic
Fans have spotted chemistry between the pair (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans predict shock affair for Nish and Priya

EastEnders fans have predicted a shock affair for Nish and Priya after seeing Nish offer up a room for Ravi’s ex and his daughter.

He also had a drink with Priya in The Vic, making some fans even suggest that Priya will sleep with Nish and then blackmail him for money.

One fan wrote: “Priya & Nish, why am I getting potential affair vibes?”

Another EastEnders viewer predicted: “Priya and Nish are going to have an affair – I’m calling it now.”

A third person agreed: “Nish and Priya will sleep together soon. Nish is definitely interested in the young lady. I think Nish is underestimating Priya. She is smart and knows Nish is attracted to her. I can see her blackmailing Nish for money.”

Will Priya get her claws into Nish? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Will Priya and Nish sleep together?

With Nish offering a room up for Priya and Avani, he’s successfully befriended Priya.

But, could a romantic spark develop between the two? Could Nish and Priya sleep together? Will Priya then use this against Nish?

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