EastEnders' Lily is looking worried and, in a bubble, Jack is furious

EastEnders fans slam Jack as a ‘nasty piece of work’ for his treatment of Lily

Jack wanted Lily to have an abortion

In last night’s episode of EastEnders (Tuesday January 24, 2023), Jack found out that Ricky Jr is going to be a father to Lily’s baby.

He was furious and stormed round to the Slaters’ house to confront them.

But, now EastEnders fans have slammed Jack as being a ‘nasty piece of work’ for his treatment of Lily.

EastEnders' Jack and Denise are arguing with the Slaters
Jack made his feelings clear (Credit: BBC)

Jack wants Lily to have an abortion

Last night, after being informed about Lily’s pregnancy by Ricky Jr, Sam sat Denise and Jack down to tell them the news.

She then informed the shocked couple that Ricky Jr was going to be a dad.

Denise and Jack thought that Sam was joking at first, noting that Ricky Jr didn’t even have a girlfriend.

However, Sam then told them that Lily Slater was pregnant with Ricky Jr’s baby.

With this, the pair went round to the Slaters’ house to have it out with them.

Denise tried to act rationally but Jack’s temper got the better of him.

He was in denial that any of the situation was Ricky Jr’s fault and started accusing Lily.

He then made his feelings clear that Lily should have an abortion and tried to get Martin on side with the idea.

EastEnders' Slaters and Brannings are arguing
Fans aren’t pleased with Jack (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans slam Jack for his behaviour

After seeing Jack try to control Lily’s decision, fans have slammed Jack as a ‘nasty piece of work.’

They think that she should accept that Ricky Jr was also at fault and stop trying to control the decision of a child that’s not his.

One viewer tweeted: “No wonder Jack Branning’s kids are damaged, he’s a pathetic excuse of a parent. So controlling, never listens and has serious anger problems. He always blames everyone else but if he looked in a mirror, the problem is staring right back at him.”

Another fan wrote: “Well Jack really is a nasty piece of work.”

A third EastEnders viewer mentioned: “Jack seems to forget his sister Carol wasn’t that old when she had Bianca or when his niece Sonia had Rebecca.”

One fan exclaimed: “How dare you Jack. How dare you! Your 12-year-old son is your responsibility and Denise’s seriously?? Putting it on Lily?!?!”

A final fan commented: “Jack is so poisonous, I’m sorry but he is. First Amy and now Ricky Jr.”

Jack puts pressure on the Slaters (Credit: BBC)

Will the Slaters and Brannings support their children?

EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal that the Slaters and Brannings start a war over Lily.

Jack is furious when he finds out that Lily is set on keeping the baby and that Ricky Jr has offered to support her.

He sets up at meeting with the Slaters and tries to get them to make Lily have an abortion.

Stacey makes it clear that that won’t be happening.

Later on, Jack tries to influence Lily’s decision by telling her what her life would be like as a teen mum.

Seeing Jack scaring Lily, Stacey bans the Brannings from having anything to do with the baby.

But, can the Slaters and Brannings reach an agreement?

Can they puts their own views aside and support Lily in her decision?

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