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EastEnders: Phil is Albie’s dad and angry fans declare Denny and Mel died for no reason

So, Denny didn't have to die?

Last night’s episode of EastEnders (Wednesday, November 15), saw Sharon find out some shocking news about Phil and Albie.

At the hospital, she realised that Keanu wasn’t Albie’s biological father after all.

Now, EastEnders fans have complained that Mel and Denny died for no reason now that the truth is out.

EastEnders' Sharon is angry
Sharon found out that Albie isn’t Keanu’s (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Albie isn’t Keanu’s son – he’s Phil Mitchell’s

Over in Walford last night, Sharon and Keanu took Albie to the hospital to receive his test results.

They then found out that Albie had a rare genetic disorder – AADT – which had been passed down to him from both parents who had the gene.

This could cause problems for Albie’s liver and lungs, with the rest of Sharon’s family being encouraged to get tested for the gene too.

However, once Keanu had left the room, Sharon made a realisation. She’d just found out that Keanu didn’t have the gene.

This meant that Keanu wasn’t Albie’s father. Trying to add everything up, Sharon then looked towards Phil through the hospital window and realised that Albie was actually his.

EastEnders' Phil is at the hospital
Sharon got a right shock (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans furious after finding out Albie dad truth

EastEnders fans have now been left livid after Sharon found out that Keanu wasn’t Albie’s dad. They’ve noted that Denny and Mel only died because Phil tried to kill Keanu over his affair and Albie.

Now that Phil is actually Albie’s father, none of that needed to happen.

One fan wrote: “I’m not as mad about the paternity twist as some people are (I always thought it was inevitable) but it does just make you realise that Mel and Denny died for no reason.”

Another person commented: “All this paternity thing means is Mel Owen and Denny LITERALLY died for nothing…”

A third fan added: “I’m sorry but making Albie Phil’s child is so dumb like they really killed Denny for no reason, killed Mel, had this whole affair storyline not come to conclusion for 2 years just for this outcome.”

EastEnders' Keanu is holding Albie at the hospital
When will Keanu find out the truth? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Will Sharon reveal all to Keanu?

So, Keanu’s not actually Albie’s father. Well, that’s not going to go down well with him, is it?

But, when will Keanu find out that Albie isn’t his? And, could the truth possibly come out at Christmas? Will Sharon tell him that Albie is Phil’s?

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Who Is Albie's Real Father?! 😱 | Walford REEvisited | EastEnders

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