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EastEnders spoilers: Anna ends up in hospital after her drink is spiked

A night out goes horribly wrong for Anna

In EastEnders spoilers, Anna Knight finds herself in hospital after someone spikes her drink on a night out. As Anna struggles to comprehend what has happened, Gina, Bobby and Freddie rally around.

Will Anna tell George and her family what has happened?

Read EastEnders spoilers for this storyline in full below.

Anna holding a drink on a night out in EastEnders
The youths’ night out takes a darker turn (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Anna is spiked on a night out

Anna and Freddie playfully tease Bobby in The Vic, telling him that he needs to be more assertive.

As they get ready for a big night out, Gina probes Anna. She asks her whether she thinks Bobby is really right for her.

However, Anna continues to insist that Bobby is the man for her.

Later they are out on the town, but before long the group suspect that Anna may have been spiked. However, when they turn around, she has suddenly disappeared…

What has happened to Anna?

Anna in hospital with Gina on EastEnders
Anna wakes up in hospital the next day (Credit: BBC)

Gina and Freddie rally around

Anna wakes up in hospital, after someone had spiked her drink. Later, back at The Vic, Gina tries to convince her to report the incident to the police.

Anna is adamant that she doesn’t want to tell either the police or her dad. Meanwhile, Freddie senses that Gina is overwhelmed with the situation. He tries to help out by supporting Anna himself.

Elsewhere, Bobby, who was not on the night out due to his own family dramas, is worried about his relationship with Anna. He is shocked when she tells him that she was spiked.

Freddie talking to Anna on EastEnders
Freddie tries to comfort Anna (Credit: BBC)

Bobby is supportive, but accidentally puts his foot in it and offends her. As she leaves, Freddie tries to support them both. He tells her that she should let her dad know about the spiking.

Acting on Freddie‘s advice, Anna opens up to George.

How will he react?

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