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EastEnders spoilers tonight: Double episode sees potential new romance for Sharon

Teddy lays on the charm

In EastEnders spoilers tonight, there’s a potential new romance on the cards for Sharon when charming new arrival Teddy Mitchell invites her out for a drink.

Will Teddy risk the ire of Phil Mitchell by making a move on his ex?

Elsewhere, Denzel is panicked when Nugget regains consciousness – and the police start looking for answers.

Meanwhile, Jean demands answers from Harvey… and is shocked when she gets them.

Read our EastEnders spoilers tonight in full below.

Teddy and Sharon talking on EastEnders while Harry watches
Teddy lays it on thick with Sharon (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Teddy lays on the charm

Sharon is annoyed when she discovers the gym in a state after a night of Mitchell drinking. Confronting Teddy over the mess, he tries to win her over by inviting her out for a drink.

Later, the pair share a flirtatious drink. Stevie watches, dubious over Teddy messing with Phil’s ex.

When Teddy tries to convince Sharon to stay for another drink, she coyly rebuffs his advances, before heading out.

Will she give in to Teddy’s charm?

Nugget in hospital, talking to the police
The police pressure Nugget to tell the truth (Credit: BBC)

Nugget comes around

At the hospital, Nugget regains consciousness. Priya and Ravi are devastated when the doctors tell them that he may need long-term dialysis for his kidneys.

Later, both Nugget’s parents and the police pressure him to say where he got the drugs. However, Nugget keeps his mouth shut.

Meanwhile, alone with Priya, Nish reminds her of their arrangement. What will she say when he renews the pressure for her to keep up her side of the bargain?

Priya and Nish in tense conversation on EastEnders
Nish hasn’t forgotten about his deal with Priya (Credit: BBC)

Back at home, news gets out what has happened to Nugget. Terrified that he’ll be held responsible, Nugget starts to panic.

Hiding from his father, he hides at The Boxing Den, where Zack finds him. Will Nugget come clean?

Harvey talks to Jean on EastEnders
Harvey tells Jean the truth about Maya’s identity (Credit: BBC)

Harvey comes clean

Jean confronts Harvey over his supposed affair with Maya. However, he stuns her with the real truth – that Maya is the wife of one of his son’s victims.

Later, she tries to convince him that what he plans to do is wrong.

What will guilt-ridden Harvey do?

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