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EastEnders: Stevie murdered Billy’s mum, fans predict

Fans have shared their theories

EastEnders fans are convinced Stevie was involved in Val’s death after he finally told Billy about her passing, despite him believing she’d simply left when he was a child.

The shock revelation was revealed after Phil did some digging with his lawyer Ritchie. While details of Val’s death yet to be shared, EE viewers are wondering if Stevie could have been involved.

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest Mitchell drama in EastEnders.

Billy threw Stevie a birthday party, much to Phil’s disapproval (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Stevie tells Billy the truth

In Monday’s episode of EastEnders (July 8), Billy decided to throw his dad Stevie a birthday party in The Queen Vic.

Billy told Will that both his dad and mum, Val, share the same birthday, but he didn’t know where Val was because she walked out when he was a child.

Over at the cafe, Teddy gave Stevie a birthday card and told him to stop lying to Billy. This exchange was overheard by Phil, who decided to have Stevie investigated.

Later that day, Stevie was delighted as he was surprised by his family in The Vic. However, the joy was short-lived as Phil arrived and showed Stevie that Ritchie had uncovered his lies.

Billy, Teddy, Phil and Stevie headed back to No.18 to talk. Finally, Stevie confessed to Billy that his mum is dead and that it was all his fault.

How will Billy react to this news?

Stevie tries to explain everything to Billy (Credit: ITV)

EastEnders fans share theories about Billy’s mum’s death

EastEnders fans have been sharing their theories about Billy’s mum on social media following Monday’s (July 8) episode. Some are convinced Stevie was sinisterly involved in her death, because this would explain why he was so intent on keeping her passing a secret from Billy.

Taking to social media, fans shared their thoughts. One person wondered: “Did Stevie kill Val?” while a second wrote: “How was Stevie responsible for Val’s death. So many possibilities of what could have happened.”

“Stevie was at fault (or feels like he was) for Val’s death?? What did he do. Hope he didn’t accidentally kill her or something,” another said.

A fourth fan added: “Oh!!! Did Stevie hit her? How is it his fault that Billy’s mum died? All these years he let Billy think his mum left by moving out.”

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