EastEnders' Dean, and in a bubble is Keanu

EastEnders: ‘The Six’ plot to frame Dean for Keanu’s murder – and fans are thrilled

Will their plan work?

A huge new twist in ‘The Six’ storyline aired last night over on EastEnders (Tuesday, April 9) as the women grouped together to think of a new plan.

With Keanu’s body being recently found, Stacey plotted to frame Dean Wicks for the murder.

EastEnders fans are now hoping that Dean will go to prison and that the new plan is successful.

EastEnders' Stacey is worried

EastEnders: ‘The Six’ plot to frame Dean

Yesterday evening, with Sharon still arrested, ‘The Six’ started to think of a new plan to save their skins.

Linda realised that the only way to get out of the mess was to own up to it in order to save Sharon.

She then said goodbye to Ollie and Annie and prepared to hand herself in to the police for Keanu’s murder.

But, in a change of plan, ‘The Six’ told Linda that she didn’t need to go to such extremes.

They had come up with a new plan to frame Dean for Keanu’s murder. This way he could go to prison and be out of Linda’s life.

Stacey then went over to Dean’s place after finding out that he was leaving for America, with ideas of framing him for murder.

EastEnders' Linda is serious
Fans are hoping Dean gets sent to prison (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans delighted by ‘The Six’ latest move

EastEnders fans have shared their excitement over Dean being framed by ‘The Six’ for murder. They hope that he’ll get done for the crime so that he can leave Walford and go to prison, finally receiving punishment for his former crimes.

One fan wrote: “Wait, I am sorry, WHAT NOW?!?!?! [BLEEP]. Will they get away with this? I mean I love it, but how?!?!?!?! Dean needs to go down.”

Another person shared: “Pleaseeeee, I am on my knees, get Dean sent down for Keanu’s murder.”

Another fan added: “Please let Dean go down… Please.”

A final person finished: “THEY’RE GOING TO SET DEAN UP! YES! Stacey Slater – the Queen of planting false evidence to get away with a crime! I hope their plan works. It has to. After everything he’s put Linda through, he deserves 2 go down 4 a crime she committed. I love the irony of it.”

EastEnders' Dean is serious
Dean is planning to leave – but will he be stopped? (Credit: BBC)

Will their plot to frame Dean work?

Stacey’s currently planning on pinning Keanu’s death on Dean, taking one for the team and being the person to risk the plan going wrong.

But, will Dean get the chance to go to New York with Jade? Or, will Stacey’s plan actually work?

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