Amy and Matty in Emmerdale

Emmerdale: Foolish Amy has just signed Matty’s death warrant, fans blast

Fans aren't happy!

Emmerdale fans have slammed Amy after she unknowingly told prison thug Robbo that her husband Matty is a transgender man last night (Monday, July 8.)

Matty is in prison and awaiting trial for stabbing Samson Dingle. He has been concerned about other prisoners finding out he is transgender, but his cellmate Les has been understanding and accepting.

Has Amy put Matty in danger by telling Robbo about his identity?

Matty talks to Amy on Emmerdale
Amy visited Matty in prison (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Amy exposes Matty’s secret

Matty was left feeling hopeful after his cellmate Les accepted him as a trans man. Amy then visited him and he relayed this information.

Matty was also happy to discover he has a new solicitor, giving him hope that he will be out of prison soon. At the end of the visiting time, Robbo approached Amy.

Amy believed Robbo was Les, and she accidentally revealed the truth about Matty being transgender to him.

As Matty returned to his cell, he was left alone as Les had gone to meet with his solicitor. Robbo then entered the cell, informing Matty that he had spoken to Amy.

Robbo revealed he knows the truth, leaving Matty fearing for his life. Meanwhile, Amy is unaware of what she has done.

Will Matty be OK?

Robbo talks to Amy on Emmerdale
Amy mistook Robbo for Les (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans slam Amy for putting Matty in danger

Emmerdale fans were left unimpressed with Amy’s actions, with many branding her ‘stupid’ for presuming Robbo was Les.

Taking to social media, soap viewers shared their thoughts on the scenes. One person fumed: “How stupid is Amy. Even if she was talking to the right bloke. Anyone could’ve overheard.”

“Amy is a massive liability,” a second person said, while a third added: “Ohh dear. Amy has just put a target on Matty’s back.”

Another questioned: “WHY would Amy tell this random stranger that Matty is transgender!?” and somebody else stated: “Amy is so stupid.”

A final viewer ended: “Oh well done Amy… just signed Matty’s death warrant.”

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