Emmerdale's Matty is serious

Emmerdale: Matty to end his own life in prison, a new fan theory fears

Matty was shoved into a prison van last night

In last night’s episode of Emmerdale (Tuesday, June 11), Matty ended up being taken to prison in a van with other prisoners.

He was locked in his own area as the other prisoners started asking him what he was in for.

A new Emmerdale fan theory has now predicted an upsetting twist for the character.

Samson and Josh shout at Matty threateningly in Emmerdale
Matty accidentally stabbed Samson (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Matty was taken to prison

Emmerdale fans will know that Matty recently stabbed Samson accidentally. He had been holding a knife when Samson’s friend – Josh – shoved Samson into him.

Both Josh and Samson then made out that Matty had stabbed Samson on purpose.

Yesterday evening, after being arrested, Matty feared that he would go to prison for the stabbing. Cain had tried to get through to Samson and get him to change his story but had no luck.

With Sam and Lydia backing Samson up, Moira started to fear for her son.

Amy and Moira later stood outside and watched Matty get guided into a prison van as the prison guard told him to keep the fact that he is trans a secret from the other inmates.

In the prison van, the other prisoners started banging on the wall and asking Matty what he was in for. They then told him that they’d soon find out everything about him anyway.

Emmerdale's Matty is emotional
One fan has shared their fears (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fan theory: Matty to make heartbreaking decision?

With Matty worrying that he won’t be able to cope in prison, and with the other prisoners desperate to find out everything about him, one fan has come up with a concerning theory.

The fan thinks that Matty may attempt to end his own life whilst in prison.

The fan theory reads: “I think Matty might attempt suicide in prison.”

But, could Matty attempt to end his own life after being imprisoned for the stabbing?

Emmerdale: Matty looks terrified in prison
Moira and Amy worry about Matty (Credit: ITV)

What will become of Matty in prison?

Next week’s Emmerdale spoilers reveal that Moira tries her best to get through to Samson as Kerry plans to record Josh’s conversation to help free Matty.

Also, Amy and Moira visit Matty and become concerned when they find out that Matty hasn’t showered since his arrival at the prison.

When they bring up the topic of his medication, Matty becomes uncomfortable. But, can they help support Matty?

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