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Emmerdale: Samson to be murdered by Josh, fan theory predicts

Is Samson in danger?

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A new Emmerdale fan theory has predicted that Samson Dingle could be murdered by his creepy friend Josh.

Recent weeks have seen Samson fall in with new friend Josh. Unfortunately, bad seed Josh wasted no trouble in causing trouble for the village by harassing Matty Barton and his wife Amy.

After spouting transphobic abuse at Matty, he attempted to rob him. Meanwhile, a reluctant Samson looked on, unwittingly becoming wrapped up in something far bigger than any of them.

Josh pushes Samson into Matty and Samson is stabbed in Emmerdale spoilers
Matty accidentally ‘stabbed’ Samson while Josh looked on (Credit: ITV)

Matty in trouble as Samson and Josh spin a tale

As Josh grew aggressive, he pushed Samson into Matty – who was holding a knife at the time. Samson then fell onto the blade, and collapsed to the floor bleeding.

The pair then claimed that Matty had attacked them. Matty tried to clear his name, but his confronting Samson after the fact led to his being imprisoned while awaiting trial – where he remains now.

But what is Josh and Samson’s endgame?

Emmerdale: Samson and Josh look conspiratorial in the Woolpack
Could Josh kill Samson to ensure his silence? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fan theorises murder for Samson

Writing on a Reddit thread, one fan theorised that the story could have dark implications for Samson. This fan wondered whether Josh could actually kill Samson.

‘They could make this a good storyline by having Josh kill Samson for threatening to confess. That would redeem Samson somewhat and get the wet wipe off the screens, exonerate Matty and also jail the weird ‘Josh’ character they invented for one dimension,’ the fan wrote.

‘I’m guessing this storyline will end with Samson’s exit? I read that the actor was leaving at some point,’ concurred another.

‘I think Josh has dirt on Samson. Cause before the whole Matty stabbing Samson, he was getting told to keep his mouth shut and then they went inside to have the altercation,’ a third viewer remembered, hinting at more of Josh’s sinister nature.

It was reported in April that Samson Dingle is set to leave the soap later this year. There was already some speculation that he could be killed off as part of the actor’s exit.

Samson is clearly under Josh’s thrall… but could the story end with him dead this time?

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