A battered and bruised Ella looks worried on Emmerdale, soap logo inset (Credit: ITV/Composite: ED!)

Emmerdale spoilers: Ella returns – and is involved in a car crash

Liam is shocked by her return

In Emmerdale spoilers, Ella Forster returns to the village. However, what was intended to be a brief stop takes a calamitous turn when Ella is involved in a car crash while trying to leave again.

Ella left the village earlier this year, after the village learned of her terrible secret – that she killed a child. This came as particularly horrifying news to lover Liam, as it brought back painful memories of murderous Meena Jutla – who had killed his own daughter in 2021.

Distraught, he ordered Ella out of his home. Not long after, she left the village… seemingly for good.

How will Liam react to the news that his old flame is back in town?

Read Emmerdale spoilers for this storyline in full below.

Mandy and Ella talking on Emmerdale
Mandy comes face to face with Ella (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Ella returns to the village

Liam is feeling lonely and resigned to remaining single. However, Manpreet encourages him to rekindle his romance with Chas.

The next day, a mysterious figure watches Liam’s movements throughout the village. As the interloper continues to snoop around, Mandy realises that there’s an intruder about.

Ella on Emmerdale wearing a hoodie
Mandy finds a hooded Ella snooping around the village (Credit: ITV)

Confronting the mystery figure, Mandy is shocked to see that it’s Ella.

But what does she want?

Liam confronts Ella on Emmerdale
Liam is shocked to see Ella back in town (Credit: ITV)

Ella’s in a car crash

Ella tells Mandy that she’s come back to collect the rest of her things. When she leaves, Mandy feels conflicted.

However, there’s more news in store when Sam calls an ambulance. He reveals that there’s been a car crash on a country road. The car in question? Ella’s.

Later, Liam bumps into a battered and bruised Ella in the village. As he comes face-to-face with his former lover, Liam is shocked.

How will he react to seeing Ella again?

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