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Emmerdale spoilers: Rose’s plan to drug Will goes very wrong when Dawn’s caught in the crossfire

Rose's plan is thrown into chaos

In Emmerdale spoilers, Rose Jackson plans to drug Will Taylor – but her plan backfires when Kim and Dawn intrude on the moment. Has Rose accidentally drugged her own daughter?

This comes as Rose and Ruby plan to take down Will and Kim Tate, hatching a plan behind closed doors to drug Will with tranquilisers.

Read Emmerdale spoilers for this storyline in full below.

Rose and Will talking on Emmerdale
Rose tries to distract Will with a kiss (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Rose makes a move on Will

With Ruby pressuring Rose to hurry up and enact their plan, Rose is soon panicked. When Will almost catches her going over the plan, she lies – and then moves in for a kiss.

Will is shocked, and straightaway pulls back. As she worries whether Will will tell Kim, Rose then despairs when he announces that it’s time she moved out.

Hoping to distract the pair from any further revelations, Rose later unleashes chaos by setting a horse loose.

What will Rose do next?

Rose meeting a mystery man
Rose takes delivery of a vial of tranquilliser (Credit: ITV)

Rose takes a delivery

Later, Rose receives a mysterious message. Following its instructions, she heads to the village outskirts, where a dealer gives Rose a vial of tranquilliser. He then tells her to wait for further details.

But things hit a snag when Evan is discharged from hospital. Rose is overwhelmed with joy to hear Dawn refer to her as ‘mum’ for the first time. These emotions leave her feeling conflicted, and therefore in doubt as to whether she can go through with her plans.

Will Rose go ahead with spiking Will?

Rose and will clinking glasses
Rose sets her plan into action (Credit: ITV)

Rose’s plan backfires

She doesn’t think for too long and is soon going ahead with spiking Will’s drink so she can entrap him. Having put the drugs in Will’s drink, Rose is horrified by the sudden return home of Dawn and Kim. As the family pour two more drinks, Rose quickly loses track of which of the drinks have been spiked.

Rose, Will, Dawn and Kim share a toast on Emmerdale
Who has the spiked drink? (Credit: ITV)

Her plan quickly going off the rails, Rose begins to panic.

Who has the spiked drink? And is Rose about to get caught out?

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